BC Health Data Asset Inventory

British Columbia hosts a large and productive health research ecosystem distributed across regions and sectors.

This initiative, undertaken by the Vice-President, Research, with the support of Deloitte in gathering and compiling the information, presents the first inventory on Health Data Assets in British Columbia. It is hoped that such an inventory will be valuable to the entire BC health research ecosystem in its ability to:

  1. Support planning across the sector related to health data, infrastructure and research priorities;
  2. Support improved awareness and collaboration related to available assets in the province;
  3. Support reduced duplication of effort and investment related to health data and related infrastructure; and
  4. Enable BC to maximize the value (in terms of research and patient outcomes) of existing and planned health data assets.

This asset inventory was intended to enable basic reporting by a diverse group of stakeholders in a rapidly-evolving field. Likewise, the data asset inventory has been made available online as an Excel document and will be maintained as a living document through the VP Research & Innovation Office at UBC

Read the Summary Report (PDF)

Read an Extended SUMMARY Report (PDF)

Download the Data Set (Excel)