Adapting Biosystems - Biodiversity Group

We are a world-renowned centre widely recognized for work on questions fundamental to our understanding of biodiversity.

These four questions are:

  • What is the genetic basis of adaptation, and how does this genetic basis shape evolution?
  • How does the spatial array of individuals across landscapes affect adaptation?
  • How do ecological communities change over time, especially as environmental change accelerates?
  • How does biodiversity itself evolve?

Solutions to some of Canada’s greatest environmental challenges hinge on understanding the answers to these basic questions. Our team tackles these challenges through a variety of collaborative projects. By understanding the genetic basis of adaptation and how these genes are distributed across space in lodgepole pine and other conifers we are improving replanting strategies and increasing yield in the face of changing environments. By finding new ways to measure the genetic basis of important traits we are improving crop performance across environments. By determining the factors that promote and maintain biodiversity we are advising on strategies to better protect Canada’s natural heritage.



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