ForLives: Forests and Livelihoods for Sustainable Development

The global sustainable development goals (SDGs) cannot be achieved without protecting forests, and forests cannot be adequately protected without engaging and supporting the millions of Indigenous and rural people living near them.

Our ForLives cluster aims to address the lack of data on the contribution that forests can and do make to the SDGs by engaging with partner organizations and Indigenous and local communities on targeted research that tackles multiple SDGs simultaneously.

Researchers in the Cluster

Faculty of Arts

Peter Dauvergne;

Philippe LeBillon

Faculty of Applied Science

Jordi Honey-Roses

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Sean Smukler



Iain Davidson-Hunt (Univ. Manitoba/World Conservation Union - IUCN);

Terry Sunderland (Centre for International Forestry Research - CIFOR);

Charles McNeill (United Nations Dev’t Programme - UNDP);

Doug Konkin (consultant)