Killam Faculty Research Fellowship

Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Fund

Ten UBC Killam Faculty Research Fellowships are provided annually from the Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Fund for Advanced Studies established through a bequest from the late Dorothy J. Killam. 

Offered on a competitive basis, these awards are intended to support scholars engaged in research projects of broad significance and are available for any field of study of research other than the ‘Arts’ as presently defined in the Canada Council Act. They are not limited to the ‘Humanities and Social Sciences’ as defined in the Act.

The purpose of the Fellowships is to assist promising faculty members, who wish to devote full time to research and study in their field during a recognized study leave. The applicant must present a coherent project with a clearly stated objective and well-defined research plan, and demonstrate a growing record of significant scholarly contribution. The basis of award will be special distinction of intellect, with due regard for sound character and personal qualities. 

The amount of each award is intended to help replace the salary reduction because of study leave.  The salary award is $1,250 per month or sufficient to compensate for the leave's salary reduction, whichever is less, up to a total of $15,000 for a 12 month period ($7,500 for 6 months). In addition to salary supplement, these awards include travel and research expenses related to the study leave and research proposal up to a maximum of $3,000 for a full-year leave or $1,500 maximum for a six-month leave.

Faculty members are encouraged to seek other leave fellowships and, if successful, the Killam Award may be used to augment such other fellowships up to the level of the normal UBC Killam Fellowship (total awards not to exceed full salary).


UBC Killam Faculty Research Fellowships are open to all full-time tenure-stream faculty at the University of British Columbia. 

  • Awards may be given to applicants beginning their fellowship on or after July 1st of the calendar year in which the award is applied for. For example: Eligible study leave dates for the Sept 2018 competition cycle are: Jul 2018, Sept 2018, Jan 2019, and July 2019. 
  • Preference is given to relatively junior applicants who are 14 years or less past the receipt of a doctoral degree. 
  • Faculty members who were awarded a doctoral degree more than 14 years ago have a lower, but nevertheless positive, chance of being allocated a Killam Fellowship. 
  • Parental leave taken is not counted as part of the 14-year period; however such periods must be identified on the application form.
  • Each faculty member is eligible for only one UBC Killam Faculty Research Fellowship in his or her lifetime.  However, receipt of a Fellowship does not affect eligibility for other Killam awards and prizes.



September 15, 2018
Note: As the 15th is a Saturday, the deadline moves to the next business day (Monday, September 17th).

Application submission

In addition to completing the fields and supplying a 50-word citation in the form below, the following material will also be uploaded by the applicant in the form:

  • Two Page Research plan 
  • Official UBC CV format required 
  • Host institution letter (if applicable to this application)
In addition to completing a full online application for the Killam Research Fellowship, applicants are required to contact referees for supporting letters, but the referees must submit letters directly to the Faculty Awards Office in the VP Research Office. 
  • The letters of support are critical to the selection process and should focus on the applicant’s research. They must be from individuals who are objectively able to assess the work to be carried out.  Given that applicants represent varied disciplines each of which may have different expectations about kinds and quantities of scholarly output, it would aid the selection process should the letters of support place the applicant's record in the context of their field.
  • At least two of the letters must be from individuals from outside UBC and the referees should all be at arm’s length -- this may not include your thesis or dissertation supervisor(s), anyone you have supervised, or anyone with whom you have collaborated (as coauthor or co-investigator) within the past 24 months.
  • Letters in excess of three will not be considered.
  • Please note: It is the responsibility of the applicant to contact referees for supporting letters, but the referees must submit signed letters directly to the Faculty Awards Officer 
Format – Letters of Support:
  • Referee letters must be received by the September 15 deadline
  • Referees may send their signed letters (PDF format) by email to the attention of Letters must be signed.
  • If it is more convenient, referees may simply submit their signed letters by mail, but all material is due by the September 15 deadline:

Attention: Brenda Carrier, Faculty Awards Officer
The University of British Columbia – Office of the VP Research and Innovation

Old Administration Building, Room 115
6328 Memorial Road
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2
Tel: 604-822-6010

Full details and requirements are outlined on the application form below

Please ensure that ALL application material is gathered prior to starting the submission, as the form cannot be saved for later completion once started.

Application Form

Applicant Information


Please enter start and end dates of all relevant leaves:
Please check to indicate whether your Department Head and Associate Dean or Dean have been advised of this study leave application

Study Leave and Project Information


  • The research plan should give a precise account of the study and research to be undertaken during the period of the fellowship. 
  • Fellowships will be awarded for projects that have clearly defined objectives and methods meeting the award criteria. 
  • The research plan should not be more than two pages in length, font size no smaller than Arial 10 pt.


Files must be less than 80 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.


Files must be less than 80 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.


Please include a brief 50-word citation of the candidate's research in lay language that a non-expert will be able to understand (the citation should not exceed the maximum of 50 words).




Files must be less than 80 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.