President’s Award for Public Education through Media

This award is given to a full-time tenure-stream UBC faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding service to the University and the community by actively and creatively sharing research expertise via the news media. 

The award recognizes and encourages such contributions, including print, broadcast, and online media interviews and expert commentary, as valuable means to foster greater public dialogue and understanding. The prize, a $3,000 honorarium and a certificate, is presented at an annual reception in the spring.


September 15, 2018
Note: As the 15th is a Saturday, the deadline moves to the next business day (Monday, September 17th).​


Nominations should be signed, collectively, by two colleagues (nominators may be any current faculty member, including emeriti, student or staff member of the university).


The Dean's office should be informed of the intention to submit a nomination and the name of the proposed nominee in order to eliminate duplication. The signature of the Dean is NOT required for nominations.

Nomination submission

In addition to completing the fields and supplying a 50-word citation in the form below, the following material must also be uploaded by the nominator:

  • A joint letter of nomination
  • Official UBC CV format required
  • Summary of media broadcasted or published
  • A maximum of three appropriate print, broadcast, or online news media examples (maximum of three individual examples)
  • Please note that letters of recommendation will NOT be accepted

Full details and requirements are outlined on the form below

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Please ensure that ALL nomination material is gathered prior to starting the submission, as the form cannot be saved for later completion once started.

Nomination Form

Nominee Information



Nominators' Information
Nominator 1
Nominator 2
Nominator 3 (optional)

Nomination Letter

Please upload ONE collective letter (2-page maximum) signed by all nominating individuals in PDF format.

File should be named in the format:  Last_Name_of_Nominee_NominationLetter.pdf

  • Nominators are asked to submit a joint letter of nomination signed by all nominating individuals. This letter should not be more than two pages in length, font size no smaller than  11 pt.  The letter should frame the achievements of the candidate for a non-specialist, multidisciplinary, university-wide committee.
  • The nomination letter should explain how the nominee meets the award criteria by detailing how the nominee has actively and creatively shared research expertise through the media.
  • The letter should also illustrate how the candidate has had an impact in his or her field and why the candidate should be selected to receive the President’s Award for Public Education through Media. 
Files must be less than 20 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.

  • Include a summary of media published or broadcasted with a brief explanation of how the work has fostered greater public dialogue and understanding of the nominee’s research expertise.
    • File should be named Nominee_Last_Name_Media Summary.pdf


  • Provide appropriate print, broadcast, or online news media examples (maximum of three). Include documents etc., as are deemed appropriate, that exemplify the nominee’s suitability to receive the award (e.g. pdf copies of, or links to newspaper or magazine print media articles, interviews, online newspapers or news blogs, etc.)
    • Files should be named Nominee_Last_Name_Media Example1.pdf, Nominee_Last_Name_Media Example2.pdf, Nominee_Last_Name_Media Example3.pdf

Note – if submitting URL links, please position them within a PDF document.

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MEDIA Summary


Files must be less than 20 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.




Files must be less than 20 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.




Files must be less than 20 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.




Files must be less than 20 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.


Please include a brief 50-word citation summarize the nominee's primary scholarly contribution in lay language that a non-expert will be able to understand (the citation should not exceed the maximum of 50 words).



Files must be less than 50 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.