International 2020: Renewing UBC's International Strategy

UBC’s current International Strategic Plan was published in 2011. Today, as North America’s “most international university,” we must continue to set the standard for global excellence in higher education. To that end, the Office of the Vice President Research and International is launching a campus-wide consultation to renew UBC’s international strategy—and we want to hear from you. 

The internationalization of higher education is a constantly evolving process that is intentional, comprehensive and adaptable. It implies a commitment to explicitly embed dimensions of global relevance throughout every aspect of the three core missions of UBC: research, teaching and learning, and community engagement.  Internationalization aims to:

  • foster global inclusivity among all its constituents;
  • transform how we develop knowledge, how we teach, and how we learn at the intersections of local, national and international imperatives;
  • develop in students, faculty and staff the critical and intercultural skills and values that empower them to be global citizens and leaders.


We invite you to help us develop a more intentional and comprehensive international strategy for UBC.

Over the next few months, we will be consulting with all our constituents on both campuses to identify priority areas and emerging trends in the internationalization of research, teaching and learning, and community engagement at UBC.

All of your feedback and input will be used to inform and develop UBC’s international strategy, which will be widely available to all university communities and audiences.


International Strategy Renewal Consultation Process
Phase one

April - August 2016

Stakeholder Groups
All Faculty, staff, students and alumni

Consultation Method
Online surveys developed for each stakeholder group, delivered via email


Phase Two

September - October 2016

Stakeholder Groups
All Faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners

Consultation Method
Focus groups, facilitated sessions, and one-on-one interviews

An overwhelming number of survey respondents indicated that they would be interested in participating in a discussion group that would further explore the topics covered by our consultation. This second phase of our consultation will occur during autumn 2016, and will include focus group, facilitated sessions and key informant interviews. Although we will be contacting all those who expressed their interest in participating in a facilitated discussion, we may not be able to accommodate everyone.

We thank you for your enthusiastic response to the online survey, and look forward to discussing your ideas and feedback about internationalization at UBC.

We warmly welcome your participation and look forward to your feedback.



For more information about the renewal of UBC's International Strategic Plan, please contact:

For any UBC Okanagan-specific questions, please contact:

Dr. Thomas Heilke, Advisor to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor on International Initiatives,