Spotlight On: Advanced Materials

In their labs and with their partner institutes and industries, UBC researchers are at the leading edge of a global materials revolution that is transforming electronics, communications, alternative energy, medicine and more.

Our researchers are creating the world’s lightest and strongest composite materials and metals. They are developing nanomaterials capable of everything from diagnosing illnesses to cleaning up the environment. 

And they are designing materials for previously unimaginable products such as portable MRI machines and even levitating cars.

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Fast Facts + Milestones

2015 UBC Quantum Matter Institute a first recipient of Canada First Research Excellence Fund More 

2013 UBC researchers publish possible secret to superconductivity in Science More 

2012 UBC becomes host institution for new Composites Research Network More

2010 Max Planck-UBC Centre for Quantum Materials opens, one of only three Max Planck institutions in the world  More

Spotlight Stories

UBC research takes a quantum leap forward