Spotlight On: Global Solutions

UBC is committed to improving lives by sharing our discoveries with the world.  We were the first university to create formal global access principles that give the developing world access to relevant technologies.

In 2003 we led the way in developing the SARS vaccine. Today, our researchers study hundreds of issues that affect the planet—from human health to food security, and sustainable water supply to economic policies.

By partnering with researchers and communities in developing nations and ensuring access to our research discoveries, UBC has become an integral part of the solution to the world’s global challenges.

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Fast Facts + Milestones

2017 UBC ranks first in Canada for global equity in biomedical research MORE

2013 UBC ranks first in North America for university global health impact More

2007 UBC is the first university in Canada to implement formal global access principles More

2003 UBC leads SARS Accelerated Vaccine Initiative More

Spotlight Stories

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