Faculty Research Awards FAQs

What are the deadlines?
Where can I find the application and nomination forms?
Who judges the nominations/applications?
When will the winners be announced?
Are there further resources to help with my submission?
Who can I contact if I have questions?
Applicants - Killam Faculty Research Fellowship
Can I submit my application form electronically?
How detailed and technical should my research plan be?
What information should be included in the letters of support for the Killam Fellowship?
I am planning to visit multiple researchers and institutions during my sabbatical. I won't be in one place for the whole year. Do I need to get an institutional letter?

What should the institutional support letter say?
Is it possible to be apply for a Killam Research Fellowship for a 6-month sabbatical?
What are the eligibility dates for the Fall 2018 Fellowship competition?
I will have already started my study leave by the time that the application is due. Should I still apply?
The guidelines state that the Fellowships are open to fulltime faculty members with tenure or tenure-track at the University of British Columbia. Apart from the requirement for tenure, there is no restriction as to academic rank. Does that mean you must have tenure before you apply?
Nominators – Biely, McDowell, Black, Somerset, President’s Award & Killam Prizes
Can I re-nominate a faculty member whom I nominated unsuccessfully in a previous competition?
You’ve asked that I not rank the applications for the Killam Research Fellowship prior to sending them for adjudication; can I rank the nominations for the other awards and prizes?
If I have a number of nominations coming through for one award, can I pre-screen the nominations and send only those which I deem the best?