Training + Events

A variety of training opportunities and events for researchers exist within our portfolio.

Please check our announcements for upcoming events that may be of interest.

Research Orientation Day 

Research Orientation Day is a day-long summer event that connects new faculty members with research support units and resources. New researchers meet experienced faculty, research directors, and one another.

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Support Programs TO Advance Research Capacity

Our Support Programs to Advance Research Capacity (SPARC) office offers strategic grant writing and development workshops year-round that provide up-to-date information, proposal management and development strategies, and direct access to successful UBC investigators for specific funding programs.

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Animal Care

The Canadian Council for Animal Care requires all personnel who work with animals in teaching and research at UBC and affiliated institutions to complete the Experimental Animal User Training Program.

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Animal Care Services also provides access to training opportunities.

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advanced research computing

The UBC Advanced Research Computing team hosts a number fo training events for researchers working with big data and high-performance computing requirements.


The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies

The Peter Wall Institute offers a series of events throughout the year.

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