Units in the Portfolio

The different units in the Vice-President, Research & Innovation portfolio provide support throughout the research lifecycle.

The following units are physically located at UBC’s Vancouver campus:
Advanced Research Computing
Animal Care Services
entrepreneurship @ UBC
Facility for Infectious Disease and Epidemic Research (FINDER)
Indigenous Research Support Initiative
Institutional Programs Office
Innovation Partnerships
Knowledge Exchange Unit
Office of Research Ethics
Office of Research Prizes + Awards
Office of Research Services (ORS)
Plant Care Services
Research Finance
Sequencing + Bioinformatics Consortium
Support Programs to Advance Research Capacity (SPARC)
UBC Press
Upright Open MRI
University-Industry Liaison Office (UILO)
The following units are physically located at UBC’s Okanagan campus:
entrepreneurship @ UBCO
FIPKE Laboratory for Trace Element Research (FiLTER) (Shared Research Platform)
Office of Research Services (ORS) Okanagan
Research Data Centre (RDC)
UBC Survive and Thrive Applied Research (UBC STAR)