Building Partnerships

Receive help in identifying or establishing a formal partnership or engaging in collaborative research.


Key VPRI Support

FInd support to create Innovation Partnerships

The broad and diverse range of partner interests can make it challenging for UBC researchers to find appropriate collaborators. The Innovation Partnerships team provide sector-specific expertise to help researchers form partnerships.

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find Support for contractual research partnerships

Contact the University-Industry Liaison Office if you want to establish a contract with an industry, non-profits or non-grant government research partner.

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Find support for collaborative research with indigenous communities

The Indigenous Research Support Initiative (IRSI) has been established to enable collaborative research with Indigenous communities, university researchers and other partners. 



find support for KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE

The Knowledge Exchange Unit helps researchers collaborate with decision-makers, service providers, non-profit or community groups to develop and share impactful knowledge.


FIND SUPPORT FOR Okanagan-Specific research partnerships

The UBC Okanagan Partnership Office makes it easy for industry, not-for-profit, and community organizations to connect with UBCO researchers and find the expertise they need.


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Research clusters are interdisciplinary networks of researchers focused on solving key challenges facing society that transcend the traditional boundaries associated with departments, institutions, and funding agencies.





FIND SUPPORT FOR COLLABORATIVE, Public-facing humanities research

UBCV's and UBCO's Public Humanities Hubs were established to foster and support collaborative research and to highlight and develop public-facing research in the Humanities in Arts, Law, and Education.