Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster

UBC is a founding member of  Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster (CDTS),  a BC-led consortium of private industry, high-tech startups and post-secondary institutions. 

CDTS aims to position Canada as a global leader in today’s digital economy, using big data to address the biggest productivity, health and sustainability challenges facing Canadians and the world today — and ultimately advancing economic opportunities nationwide.  CDTS is funded as part of the Canadian Government’s Innovation Supercluster Initiative, receiving $153M from the federal government over 5 years, which is matched by over $200M pledged by the members of the CDTS.

For UBC, the Digital Technology Supercluster means exciting opportunities for our researchers and students, now and in the future. The supercluster will draw on research strengths, catalyze innovation and create new linkages and capacity in talent development.

To learn more about the UBC's role in Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster, please contact Iain Begg, Director, Innovation Partnerships.