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Looking for a research partner to help develop a product, test a theory or create a new venture? 

Consider the advantages of UBC, which include access to our world-class researchers and top research facilities.

We work with you to develop a flexible research arrangement that best advances your business, product or service. This can mean working on a collaborative project, conducting research on your behalf or helping you access our space, equipment and students.

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Research collaborations

Finding a research partner

At a place as large and complex as UBC, it can be hard for potential partners to find the research expertise they're looking for. If you're interested in partnering with UBC, contact the Innovation Partnerships team. 



The Knowledge Exchange Unit helps decision-makers, service providers, non-profit or community groups collaborate with UBC researchers to develop and share impactful knowledge. 

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Support for Research with indigenous communities

The Indigenous Research Support Initiative provides research support and services to Indigenous communities and university researchers collaborating on projects and ensures that these projects are based on community-led interests, reciprocal relationships and principles of mutual accountability.

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RESEARCH Contract support

The University-Indutsry Liaison Office manages the creation of research contracts and agreements for industry, government and non-profit organizations sponsoring research at UBC.


Commercialization and venture building

Technology LICENSING

UBC technologies are at the heart of life-altering treatments and game-changing products and services. Find out how to access and commercialize these technologies.



entrepreneurship @ UBC supports students, faculty and recent graduates with training, mentorship and resources to build new ventures. Contact us to explore opportunities to engage with entrepreneurship @ UBC and our ventures. 


Access equipment and facilities


Many of UBC's research facilities and equipment are available for industry to access. Search our databases or contact our team to access our shared research infrastructure.