Application and Peer-Review Processes

The VPRI has transitioned to an online application process for its internal research competitions. 

The streamlined online platform, UBC Research + Innovation Apply, is easy to use, eliminates fillable PDF application forms, and allows research teams to develop applications collaboratively and save draft versions before submission.  To apply for VPRI’s internal research competitions:

  • Applicants simply log in at using their Campus Wide Login (CWL).
  • Select the competition they wish to apply for and follow the simple instructions.
  • Applications can be saved at any point and completed at a later date before final submission and downloaded as a PDF at any time for review.
  • Lead principal investigators must initiate and submit the application, and can invite others to contribute.
  • In the event that co-applicants are external to UBC, please contact Stacey Herzer to set up short-term guest access.
  • After an application has been submitted, confirmation of receipt is sent to the applicant via email. The application is now ready for peer review.

For additional support regarding UBC Research + Innovation Apply, please contact Stacey Herzer, Manager, Internal Research Competitions.

Peer Review Process

The VPRI is committed to incorporating inclusive excellence and supporting research excellence throughout our internal research competitions processes. Our peer-review process is generally modelled after Tri-Agency best practices and incorporates our values of integrity, rigour, and fairness in order to support top-quality research. 

Our peer-review process is conducted using the following steps:

1. Strike a diverse and balanced interdisciplinary review panel and match them with applications
2. Hold in-person or virtual review meetings