Staff Directory

Office of the Vice-President, Research & innovation 


Room 111 - Old Administration Building
6328 Memorial Road
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2  Canada
Tel: (604) 822-1995    Fax: (604) 822-6295


Executive Officers

Prof. Gail Murphy, PhD
Vice-President, Research & Innovation​
tel: 604-822-4813
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Prof. Helen M. Burt, PhD
Associate Vice-President, Research & Innovation
tel: 604-822-1467    
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Prof. Philip Barker, PhD
Associate Vice-President, Research & Vice-Principal, Research, UBC-O
tel: 250-807-9582   
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Elise Vredenbregt
Executive Assistant to Gail Murphy
tel: 604-822-0233


Rachelle Miguel
Executive Assistant to Helen Burt (interim)
tel: 604 827 2983

Staff in the VPRI Office

Brenda Carrier
Faculty Awards Officer
tel: 604-822-6010

Kyle W. Demes
Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives
tel: 604-827-2379

Jamie Hall
Manager, Communications
tel: 604-822-1267

Emily LeBaron
Strategic Projects Officer
tel: 604-822-3090


Greg Martyn
tel: 604-827-1439


Julie Ovenell
Director, Communications (VPRI/VPA)
tel: 604-827-1870


Vanessa Power
Coordinator, Communications (VPRI/VPA)

Dmitriy Ryabika
Research Analyst
tel: 604-827-2762

International Office Contacts

*The International Office has transitioned to the Vice-President, Academic. Visit the key contacts page for International Office contact information.

Faculty Research Advisors

UBC's National Funding Agency Research Advisors are specially appointed faculty members who work closely with researchers to promote awareness of funding opportunities across all disciplines and to provide support for individuals or groups considering applications to external agencies.  

Prof. Lara Boyd
Health Research Advisor
tel: 604-822-7197

Prof. Leonard Foster
CFI Advisor
tel: 604-822-8311 

Prof. Alan Kingstone
Social Sciences & Humanities Research Advisor
tel: 604-822-9230

Prof. Tim Salcudean
Sciences & Engineering Research Advisor
tel: 604-822-3243 

Prof. Corey Nislow
Advanced Research Computing Advisor
tel: 604-827-1579

Institutional Programs Office 

The Institutional Programs Office manages the full cycle of major federal, provincial and regional research infrastructure awards including those offered by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the BC Knowledge Development Fund (BCKDF), Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD), the Canada Excellence Research Fund (CFREF), and Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERCs). 

Sharon Wu
Finance Director VPRI Portfolio
Director, Institutional Programs
tel: 604-827-5279

Meisan Brown-Lum
CFI/BCKDF Program Officer
tel: 604-827-5170

Tania Chen
Research & Administration Coordinator
tel: 604-822-1352

Eston Shum
Associate Director – Large Scale Projects
tel: 604-827-1938

Earl Dyer
Senior Finance Manager
tel: 604-827-5281

Lynn Chia
Senior Finance Officer
tel: 604-827-5278

Danny Wong
Finance Clerk
tel: 604-827-5934

Darren Lim (Jackie Cheung on leave)
Senior Financial Analyst - Large Scale Projects
tel: 604-827-1756

Andy Lam
Finance Manager
tel: 604-822-9965

Lis Boyan
Financial Analyst
tel: 604-822-8026

Cynthia Bai
Financial Analyst
tel: 604-822-0690

Yvonne Lee
Senior Financial Analyst, CFI/BCKDF
tel: 604-822-0232

Rishi Sekhon
Manager, Research Compliance & Training
tel: 604-822-0739

Cynthia Xie
Financial Analyst, Research Compliance & Training
tel: 604-827-2918