Research Institutes

UBC is home to many world-class research centres and institutes, fostering collaboration between researchers within and across disciplines.




Global research excellence (GRex) Institutes

The goals of GREx institutes are to advance excellence in research, to integrate fundamental and translational research, and to allow these research clusters to realize their full potential for excellence and impact.

Language Sciences institute

The Language Sciences Institute aims to connect scholars, teachers, and researchers working in all areas of the language sciences, to create collaborations that produce and support innovative research. Members span fields, disciplines, faculties, and institutions. From investigating children’s development of language, to examining dyslexia and recovery from stroke, to helping the revitalization and maintenance of Indigenous languages, to modelling the human vocal tract, researchers in the Language Sciences Institute help to improve lives, and inform society.


StewarT Blusson Quantum Matter institute

The Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (Blusson QMI) fosters the discovery, understanding, and control of quantum materials and related novel materials and devices. We train the professionals who will translate this intellectual capital into economic benefits for Canada, and transfer the discoveries to industry to create next-generation technologies. 


Bioproducts institute

The BioProducts Institute (BPI) is an innovative ecosystem of high-impact fundamental and applied researchers working on solutions to today’s climate and environmental challenges. The Institute brings together inter- and multi-disciplinary researchers comprised of scientists, engineers, and market and policy experts to unlock the full potential of materials, chemicals and fuels produced in nature. 


Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies

PWIAS Building

The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies draws together scholars from UBC and around the world to engage in deep and unconstrained research into some of the most profound questions and challenges facing humanity. The Institute seeks to encourage highly innovative, creative and unexpected scholarship through wide-ranging explorations between disciplines, including the creative and performing arts.