Research Excellence Clusters

Research clusters are interdisciplinary networks of researchers addressing key societal and cultural problems, and working together to solve challenges that transcend traditional boundaries associated with departments, institutions, and funding agencies.

We are working to support cluster development by engaging with the research community to:

  • identify clusters of research excellence,
  • engage with clusters in strategic planning, and
  • provide, when possible, seed funds for catalytic activities needed to attract further opportunities for growth. 

Research Cluster support

UBC is committed to supporting the development of clusters of research excellence. Research cluster awards are specifically targeted at catalyzing advanced research initiatives with the expectation that awards will be used to enable the cluster to have more significant impact than otherwise possible. In order to provide the best localized funding support to clusters, UBC has established distinct, coordinated programs for clusters that are led by researchers at each of its Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

Vancouver Campus

The Vice-President, Research & Innovation and the Provost & Vice-President, Academic, UBC Vancouver have established the Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters (GCRC) competition to provide  funding in support of developing clusters of research excellence led by researchers at its Vancouver campus. Grants are enabled by the UBC Vancouver Academic Excellence Funds in support of Research Excellence Strategy 6 (Collaborative Clusters) in UBC’s strategic plan.

Learn more about Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters

Okanagan Campus

The Vice-Principal Research and Innovation Office has established the Eminence competition to fund the development of clusters of research excellence led by researchers at its UBC Okanagan. The Eminence Program is intended to catalyze research and knowledge creation initiatives that will leverage existing strengths and attract further opportunities for growth.

Learn more about the Eminence Program


Learn more about funded research excellence clusters based at our two campuses:

Vancouver   |   Okanagan