Celebrating Excellence: UBC Royal Society 2020 Fellows and Members speak about their research


Nine UBC faculty members were announced by the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) as Fellows and as Members of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists in September 2020.

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Jinhua Chen works on trans-national narratives of Buddhism, church-state relationships, Buddhist monasticism, translations of Buddhist texts, and manuscript cultures. 



Mark Halpern makes measurements which have sharpened our understanding of the contents and dynamics of the Universe.


Scott Hinch is an international renowned scientist and award-winning educator who uniquely integrates physiology, ecology, behaviour, genomics, and social sciences in the study and conservation of Pacific salmon. 


Abbas S. Milani is a leading expert in modeling, simulation, and multicriteria optimization of advanced composite/biocomposite materials and their manufacturing processes.

Leonie Sandercock’s community-based scholarship and practice in the fields of urban planning and community development have engaged some of the most intractable issues of our time—inequality, discrimination, and racism. 

Alla Sheffer develops innovative methods for modeling shapes that facilitate computational fabrication, garment design, computer animation, and mechanical engineering. 

Amanda Vincent is a driving force for ocean conservation, anchored in her speciality of seahorses. She was the first biologist to study these extraordinary animals underwater.

Catharine Winstanley explores the neurobiology underlying impulsivity and decision making, in order to improve treatments for addiction and compulsive disorders.