Celebrating Excellence: UBC Royal Society 2021 Fellows speak about their research


Nine UBC faculty members were announced as new Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) in September 2021. Learn more about their research.

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Alejandro Adem has made important theoretical and calculational contributions to the cohomology of groups and topological symmetries, successfully applying them to solve long-standing conjectures.

Jeannette Armstrong's research in Okanagan Syilx environmental ethics is recognized globally. She serves on Canada’s Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge Subcommittee of Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife In Canada.

Dr. Curtis Berlinguette works to invent and scale disruptive clean energy materials which range from designing CO2 utilization technologies to building self-driving labs to advancing the fusion sciences.

Professor Isabel Grant is an internationally renowned scholar in criminal law and mental health law whose work centres the inequality of women and people with disabilities in the criminal justice system.

Dr. Stephen Guy-Bray was one of the first Canadian scholars working in what was then Gay and Lesbian Studies and has been instrumental in extending queer theory to a consideration of how queerness inheres in literariness and in poetics.

Dr. C.W. (Toph) Marshall has developed his practice-based research in the field of Greek and Roman theatre, focusing on stagecraft and how plays create meaning for an audience.

Dr. Raymond Ng is the founding director of the UBC Data Science Institute and a professor in computer science whose research spans diverse topics in data science, data mining, text analytics, and health informatics.

Dr. Roger Wilson is the world authority on the archaeology of Roman Sicily. His contributions have reshaped our understanding of the province and its complex cultural interactions. 

Dr. Alison Wylie is internationally recognized for catalyzing a thriving field at the intersection of philosophy of science and the historical sciences, and for game-changing insights in feminist philosophy.