calving glaciers

Photo by NOAA on Unsplash 

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Climate Change Research Symposium: Day 2 Videos

Session 1: How can society adapt to climate change? | Session 2: Housing Justice in the Fire Zone - The Case of Paradise

Session 3: How is the Climate System Changing?  | Session 4: How Can Society Achieve a Fair and Responsible Transition?

NOTE: Videos are posted with the permission of the presenters. More videos may be added. 

How Can Society adapt to climate change?



Dr. Kate Weinberger: Climate Change Adaptation and Human Health



Dr. Danielle Ignace: Amplifying Indigenous Voices and Knowledge


Keynote: Housing Justice in the fire zone- the case of paradise

Professor Naomi Klein


How is the Climate system changing?

Dr.Simon Donner: How is the climate system changing?
Dr. Rachel White: Why would climate change affect atmospheric dynamics?

Dr. Philippe Tortell: Oceans of Change
Dr. Christian Schoof: Land Ice and Climate Change


How Can Society Acheive a Fair and responsible transition?

Dr. David Boyd
dr. Robert Clifford

dr. Carol Liao: Corporate Law and Sustainability
Dr. Hisham Zerriffi: What is Fair and Responsible in Energy "Transition"?