Fifty-two projects led by UBC researchers awarded funding through the NSERC Alliance Grants program

March 13, 2024

The Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) announced the recipients of funding through their Alliance Grants 2022/23 competition.

Approximately $347 million was awarded nationally to 882 university researchers who work with partners in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

A total of 52 projects led by UBC researchers were announced as receiving funding through the 2022/23 Alliance Grants program, with combined funding of $17.5 million. 

Alliance grant funding supports R&D collaborations between Canadian university researchers and partners from the private, public or not-for-profit sectors, as well as opportunities for Canadian researchers to work with national and international academic counterparts.

The Alliance Grants were announced as part of the Government of Canada's investment of over $1.7 billion in research. The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Transport and Quebec Lieutenant, on behalf of the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, and the Honourable Mark Holland, Minister of Health, announced support for over 7,700 researchers and research projects across Canada. 

This investment includes funding for UBC researchers through the Canada Research Chairs programCFI's Innovation Fund; NSERC Alliance Grants; and SSHRC Insight Development Grants as well as graduate student and postdoctoral scholarships and fellowships, and support through the Research Support Fund.

Read the Government of Canada announcement.



  1. UBC PI: Abdin, Yasmine (Materials Engineering)
    Graphene-enhanced natural fiber reinforced composites for protective footwear and other high-performance applications
  2. UBC PI: Adaji, Ifeoma (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics, UBCO)
    A Systematic Review of Behaviour Change Technologies for Influencing Healthy Nutrition
  3. UBC PI: Alam, Shahria (School of Engineering, UBCO)
    Crack detection and prediction of RC piers during earthquakes using machine learning and artificial intelligence
  4. UBC PI: Al-Dabbagh, Ahmad (School of Engineering, UBCO)
    Toward resilient operation of large-scale systems
  5. UBC PI: Berlinguette, Curtis (Chemical and Biological Engineering / Chemistry)
    Real-time visualization of CO2 electrolysis
  6. UBC PI: Chau, Kenneth (School of Engineering, UBCO)
    UV LED Light Controlling Elements for Photoreactor Applications
  7. UBC PI: Cooke, Ilsa (Chemistry)
    Experimental innovations to measure the behaviour of radicals on interstellar ice surfaces
  8. UBC PI: Cornelis, Jean-Thomas (Faculty of Land and Food Systems)
    Restoring floodplains for maximizing hotspots in the landscape to capture and store carbon in Canadian soils
  9. UBC PI: Cripton, Peter (School Biomedical Engineering / Orthopaedics /Mechanical Engineering / )
    A novel approach to study occupant kinematics, muscle activity and cervical spine posture in vehicle rollovers
  10. UBC PI: Dang, Thu Thuy (Chemistry, UBCO)
    Single-cell omics approaches for anticancer camptothecin biosynthetic pathway elucidation
  11. UBC PI: Frigaard, Ian (Mechanical Engineering / Mathematics)
    Well Integrity Canada 2030
  12. UBC PI: Frigaard, Ian (Mechanical Engineering / Mathematics)
    Towards Net-Zero Emissions: mechanics, processes and materials to support risk-based well decommissioning
  13. UBC PI: Frostad, John (Chemical and Biological Engineering / Faculty of Land and Food Systems)
    Anti-splash additives for reducing pollution and increasing yield with agricultural sprays
  14. UBC PI: Gargoum, Suliman (School of Engineering, UBCO)
    Automated Low-Cost Change Detection of Road Infrastructure Assets Using Remote Sensing and AI
  15. UBC PI: Gopaluni, Bhushan (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
    Modelling and Control for the Advancement of Biologics
  16. UBC PI: Harley, Christopher (Zoology)
    Sentinels of Change
  17. UBC PI: Hein, Jason (Chemistry)
    Leveraging Signal Deconvolution to Enable Reaction Monitoring using Bench-top Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  18. UBC PI: Hudson, Zachary (Chemistry)
    Smartphone-Based Molecular Diagnostics for Rural and Remote Health Care Settings
  19. UBC PI: Jin, Xiaoliang (Mechanical Engineering)
    Adaptive Machining of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites Informed by Prior Manufacturing Processes
  20. UBC PI: Kheirkhah, Sina (School of Engineering, UBCO)
    Development of hydrogen safety codes and standards through a collaboration between UBC and the University of Groningen: Design of reacting flow facilities
  21. UBC PI: Kramer, John (Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, and Therapeutics)
    A unified approach to analyze the time-frequency representation of nociceptive-related potentials
  22. UBC PI: Kravchenko, Sergii (Materials Engineering)
    Thermal modeling of material deposition in melt extrusion 3D printing of fiber reinforced polymer composites
  23. UBC PI: Larson, Kyle (Earth, Environmental and Geographic Sciences, UBCO)
    Tectonics, deformation, fluid flow, and gold metallogeny during Cretaceous inversion of the Selwyn basin
  24. UBC PI: Lawrence, Gregory (Civil Engineering)
    Physical Limnology of Base Mine Lake
  25. UBC PI: Leslie, Sabrina (Michael Smith Laboratories / Physics & Astronomy)
    Quantitative single-molecule imaging of RNA-Lipid Nanoparticle complexes to understand and advance vaccine and gene therapy formulations
  26. UBC PI: Liu, Jian (School of Engineering, UBCO)
    High-performance quasi-solid-state zinc-ion capacitors coupling carbonaceous electrodes with eutectic hydrogel electrolytes
  27. UBC PI: Liu, Zheng (School of Engineering, UBCO)
    Multi-Modal ILI Data Fusion for Combined Diagnostics of Pipeline
  28. UBC PI: Madden, John (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    FLEXOVENT : An active metastructure to support artificial ventilation
  29. UBC PI: Madison, Kirk (Physics and Astronomy)
    The atomic vacuum standard collaboration
  30. UBC PI: Mehrkhodavandi, Parisa (Chemistry)
    Using CO2 incorporation and lignin to polyol conversion to develop sustainable bio-based non-isocyanate polyurethane rigid foams
  31. UBC PI: Mérida, Walter (Mechanical Engineering)
    Public Transit Fleet and Energy Transition: A Road Towards Net-Zero
  32. UBC PI: Mohseni, Madjid (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
    Occurrence of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and their removal using novel regenerable ion exchange resins
  33. UBC PI: Mohseni, Madjid (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
    Development of protocols and photoreactors for UV-LED disinfection of indoor air
  34. UBC PI: Nasiopoulos, Panos (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities and Intelligent Transportation
  35. UBC PI: Pawlik, Marek (Mining Engineering)
    Strengthening Floc Structure During Pressure Filtration of Flocculated Tailings
  36. UBC PI: Pelletier, Nathaniel (Biology, UBCO)
    Collaborative roadmap development towards a net zero greenhouse gas emissions Canadian egg industry
  37. UBC PI: Poole, Warren (Materials Engineering)
    Engineered 3D Microstructures for Automotive Aluminum Extrusions
  38. UBC PI: Raussendorf, Robert (Physics and Astronomy)
    Simulating Quantum Circuits---Understanding the Roles of Wigner Negativity, Symmetry, And Symmetry Breaking
  39. UBC PI: Rogak, Steven (Mechanical Engineering)
    Energy Recovery: Connecting Core Performance to Building Systems
  40. UBC PI: Sadiq, Rehan (School of Engineering, UBCO)
    Enhancing Sustainability Performance in Aquatic Centres: A Life Cycle Approach
  41. UBC PI: Saylor, Joel (Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences)
    Tectonic evolution of the Central Andean Plateau and implications for ore distribution
  42. UBC PI: Saylor, Joel (Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences)
    Quantifying analysis of detrital porphyry indicator minerals to guide exploration and decision-making
  43. UBC PI: Scholes, Rachel (Civil Engineering)
    Development of iron-biochar amendments for oxidation of toxic contaminants in urban stormwater runoff
  44. UBC PI: Siddiqua, Sumi (School of Engineering, UBCO)
    Bio-mediated treatment of organic soil with fungal strain Penicillium Chrysogenum and wood fly ash
  45. UBC PI: Sinclair, Chadwick (Materials Engineering)
    Creation of Defect Phase Diagrams for Ordered Laves Phases
  46. UBC PI: Smukler, Sean (Faculty of Land and Food Systems)
    Quantifying greenhouse gas emission reduction potential of a novel manure additive
  47. UBC PI: Taghipour, Fariborz (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
    Advanced Sensing Layer for the Selective Detection of Organic Contaminants in Water
  48. UBC PI: Tesfamariam, Solomon (School of Engineering, UBCO)
    Performance-Based Design of Tall Mass Timber Buildings Under Earthquake and Fire Loads
  49. UBC PI: Tortell, Philippe (Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences)
    Catalyzing a Canada - Chile coastal ocean research network
  50. UBC PI: Yang, Tony (Civil Engineering)
    Development of High-Performance Modular Steel Systems for Seismic Applications
  51. UBC PI: Yang, Tony (Civil Engineering)
    Performance Assessment and Enhancement of Reinforced Concrete Elements with use of Welded Wire Mesh
  52. UBC PI: Zou, Zhengbo (Civil Engineering)
    MICRO-BODD: A Miniaturized Intelligent Construction Robot for Optimal Building Operations and Defect Detection