UBC Research Partnerships Supported by $6.6m from NSERC Alliance Grants

The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, announced close to $118 million in funding for 414 projects across the country through Alliance grants, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s (NSERC) new research partnership program.

This funding includes 27 projects with UBC researchers, receiving a total of $6.6m from NSERC.

The announcement includes funding since the program was launched in April 2019 through December 31, 2020. This investment is in addition to support that was announced in August 2020 through Alliance COVID-19 grants.

Alliance grants encourage greater collaboration in research and development by supporting projects between university researchers and partner organizations from the private, public or not-for-profit sectors. These research projects are led by collaborative teams with different perspectives and skills. They will generate new knowledge and accelerate the application of research results to create benefits for Canadians.


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UBC projects 

  1. Abolmaesumi, Purang (Electrical and Computer Engineering) 
    Next-generation of non-destructive testing of composites using advanced ultrasound imaging
    Partner: Boeing Company
    NSERC Funding: $41,904
  2. Alam, Shahria (School of Engineering)
    Sustainable recycled wood ash-based mortar and concrete from production to large-scale application
    Partner: Fawdry Homes Ltd., M & K Ready Mix, Tolko Industries Ltd
    NSERC Funding: $144,000
  3. Allen, Susan (Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences)
    Interannual variability in the primary and secondary productivity of the Salish Sea and its implications for juvenile salmon
    Partner: Pacific Salmon Foundation
    NSERC Funding: $48,000
  4. Arjmand, Mohammad (School of Engineering)
    Synthesis of Graphene Nanomaterials and Development of Their Multifunctional Polymer Nanocomposites
    Partner: ZEN
    NSERC Funding: $480,000
  5. Berlinguette, Curtis (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
    Solid-State Light Ion Fusion
    Partner: Google Inc.
    NSERC Funding: $449,349
  6. Berlinguette, Curtis (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
    Renewable diesel production using a low-pressure flow reactor
    Partner: Suncor Energy Inc.
    NSERC Funding: $760,000
  7. Bichler, Lukas (School of Engineering)
    Using graphene for the development of novel aluminum alloys with high thermal conductivity and mechanical properties
    Partner: Nemak, ZEN
    NSERC Funding: $450,000
  8. Brinkerhoff, Joshua (School of Engineering)
    Evaluation of Turbulent Heat Transfer Enhancement in Steam-Cracking Furnace Tubes with Modified Internal Textures
    Partner: Quantiam Technologies Inc.
    NSERC Funding: $222,332|
  9. Brinkerhoff, Joshua (School of Engineering)
    Reduced-Order Models of Wind Farm Blockage and Far-Field Wake Recovery
    Partner: Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
    NSERC Funding: $96,875
  10. Chen, Yu Christine (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Integrated Design and Operation of Efficient and Resilient Shipboard Electric Power Systems
    Partner: ABB Inc., Canadian Coast Guard, Corvus Energy Ltd., Royal Canadian Navy, Vard Electro Canada, Vard Marine Inc.
    NSERC Funding: $813,334
  11. Coops, Nicholas (Geography)
    Enhanced measurement approaches for assessing gains in spruce provenance trials
    Partner: FYBR Inc., Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development
    NSERC Funding: $56,693
  12. Coops, Nicholas (Geography)
    Estimating Forest Forest Structure to inform Predictive Ecosystem Mapping (PEM) Approaches across British Columbia
    Partner: Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development
    NSERC Funding: $80,000
  13. Coops, Nicholas (Geography)
    Assessment of Marbled Murrelet Habitat using advanced remote sensing approaches.
    Partner: Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development
    NSERC Funding: $28,420
  14. Ivanov, Andre (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    ML-Based Techniques for Physical Design Automation of SoCs
    Partner: Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd.
    NSERC Funding: $90,000
  15. Liu, Jian (School of Engineering)
    Nanoscale surface coating to enable stable and sendrite-free Zn anode for rechargeable aqueous Zn-ion batteries
    Partner: MGX Minerals Inc.
    NSERC Funding: $90,000
  16. Mérida, Walter (Mechanical Engineering)
    Hydrogen production via water electrolysis at high temperature and pressure
    Partner: Carbon Engineering Ltd.
    NSERC Funding: $294,530
  17. Militzer, Matthias (Materials Engineering)
    Effect of Scale on Runout Table Heat Transfer
    Partner: ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.
    NSERC Funding: $96,000
  18. Najjaran, Homayoun (School of Engineering)
    Integration of AI into Manufacturing Execution System (IMES)
    Partner: NTWIST Inc.
    NSERC Funding: $240,000
  19. Ng, Raymond (Computer Science)
    Data Science and Composite Materials Manufacturing
    Partner: Convergent Manufacturing Tech Inc
    NSERC Funding: $355,556
  20. Pawlik, Marek (Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering)
    Surface chemistry of froth flotation of lead-zinc-arsenic-antimony ores
    Partner: Eldorado Gold Corporation
    NSERC Funding: $75,000
  21. Peleato, Nicolas (School of Engineering)
    Assessment of ultraviolet disinfection for unfiltered water supplies
    Partner: Regional District of North Okanagan, WSP Canada Inc.
    NSERC Funding: $59,146
  22. Ponga, Mauricio (Mechanical Engineering)
    Enhancing capabilities of Run of River facilities through computational modelling and experimental validation
    Partner: Sea to Sky Energy Solutions Corp.
    NSERC Funding: $48,000
  23. Servati, Peyman (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Green roll-to-roll manufacturing of low-cost, high-performance large-area flexible electronics
    Partner: TF Massif
    NSERC Funding: $908,820
  24. Tesfamariam, Solomon (School of Engineering)
    Resilient-Timber Building Incorporating Energy Dissipators: Analytical and Experimental Tests
    Partner: Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd, Structurlam Mass Timber Corp.
    NSERC Funding: $132,000
  25. Wang, Liwei (School of Engineering)
    Distributed maximum power point tracking and internal fault detection technologies for solar PV-powered roadways  
    Partner: Solar Earth Technologies Ltd.
    NSERC Funding: $76,800
  26. Yang, Tony (Civil Engineering)
    Seismic behaviour of tall reinforced masonry shear walls
    Partner: Canada Masonry Design Centre, Can. Concrete Masonry Producers Assoc.
    NSERC Funding: $241,920
  27. Ziels, Ryan (Civil Engineering)
    Developing a platform for rapid online DNA monitoring of microbial communities in wastewater treatment systems
    Partner: Metro Vancouver
    NSERC Funding: $224,000


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