Taking stock of the world’s oceans

RSC Fellow and UBC professor Rashid Sumaila combines disciplines to develop new approaches to marine governance

For many countries, the ocean is more than the source of fish and food — it’s at the heart of entire economies, cultures and livelihoods.

UBC professor Rashid Sumaila (Institute for Oceans & Fisheries) investigates these connections to provide new insights into marine governance through a combination of the social, economic and fisheries sciences. For his seminal contributions to marine economics, Sumaila was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. View the video below to learn more.


Rashid Sumaila is one of the world’s most innovative researchers on the future of the oceans, integrating the social, economic and fisheries sciences to build novel pathways towards sustainable fisheries. His work has challenged today’s approaches to marine governance, generating exciting new ways of thinking about our relationship to the marine biosphere, such as protecting the high seas as a “fish bank” for the world and using “inter-generation discount rates” for natural resource projects.
— Citation from the Royal Society of Canada