Twenty UBC-led Projects Awarded $4.6m in Infrastructure Funding through CFI JELF Competition

September 21, 2022

The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, announced more than $64 million to support 251 research infrastructure projects at 40 universities across the country.

This contribution, through the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s (CFI) John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF), will help universities more competitively recruit and retain outstanding researchers by helping acquire the state-of-the-art labs, equipment and facilities they need to make discoveries that will have an impact on Canadians.

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UBC-led Projects

A total of 20 projects led by UBC researchers were awarded $4.6 million in funding.

  • Infrastructure for Design, Characterization and Structural Integrity Analysis of Advanced Out-of-Autoclave Composites
    UBC Lead: Dr. Yasmine Abdin (Materials Engineering) UBCV
  • Ultrafast Laser System for Terahertz Development in Food Applications
    UBC Lead: Dr. Chris Collier (School of Engineering) UBCO
  • Sexuality and Well-being (SWell) Laboratory
    UBC Lead: Dr. Samantha Dawson (Psychology) UBCV
  • Laboratory of Next Generation Video Surveillance for Environmental Monitoring
    UBC Lead: Dr. Shan Du (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics) UBCO
  • Microfabrication for Next-generation Thin Film Solar Cells
    UBC Lead: Dr. Ian Foulds; Co lead: Dr. Alexander Uhl (School of Engineering) UBCO
  • Simulation-based Modeling of the Industrial, Large-scale Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite 3D Printing
    UBC Lead: Dr. Sergey Kravchenko (Materials Engineering) UBCV
  • Wearable Systems to Characterize Sensorimotor Response to Impulsive Loads
    UBC Lead: Dr. Calvin Kuo, (School of Biomedical Engineering) UBCV
  • Integrated In-situ Observing System to Track Sources of Atmospheric Humidity in a Warming Arctic
    UBC Lead: Dr. Anais Orsi (Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences) UBCV
  • Next-generation Pulmonary In Vitro 3D Models to Unravel the Role of Cell-cell and Multiorgan Crosstalk in Lung Disease
    UBC Lead: Dr. Emmanuel Osei (Biology) UBCO
  • Spatial Characterization of Human Atherosclerotic Disease for Therapeutic and Biomarker Development
    UBC Lead: Dr. Ying Wang (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine) UBCV
  • Laboratory for the Advanced Study of Dietary Ecology of Modern and Ancient Organisms
    UBC Lead: Dr. Kendra Chritz (Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences ) UBCV
  • Infrastructure for Laboratory Simulations of Interstellar Chemistry
    UBC Lead: Dr. Ilsa  Cook (Chemistry) UBCV
  • Infrastructure for the Field-based Investigation of the Impacts of Climate Change on Sedimentary Systems
    UBC Lead: Dr. Mitch D'Arcy (Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences) UBCV
  • Optimization of Electron-beam Facilities for Earth Materials Research
    UBC Lead: Dr. Brendan Dyck ( Earth, Environmental and Geographic Sciences) UBCO
  • The RESPECT (RESearch in Physical activity & Exercise with, by, and for hard-to-reach CommuniTies) Collaboratory
    UBC Lead: Dr. Guy Faulkner; Co leads: Drs. Mark Beauchamp and Eli Puterman (Kinesiology) UBCV
  • Integrated Climate Change and Aquaculture System (ICCAS) for Multi-stressor Experiments on Commercial Juvenile Fish
    UBC Lead: Dr. Andrea Frommel (Land and Food Systems) UBCV
  • Infrastructure for AI-integrated Point of Care Ultrasound Imaging for Decentralized Healthcare
    UBC Lead: Dr. Ilker Hacihaliloglu (Radiology / School of Biomedical Engineering) UBCV
  • The Facility for the Study of Insect Adaptability and Physiology (FSIAP)
    UBC Lead: Dr. Phillip Matthews; Co leads: Drs. Katie Marshall and Benjamin Matthews (Zoology) UBCV
  • Computational Infrastructure for Accelerating Quantum Technology
    UBC Lead: Dr. Andrew Potter (Physics and Astronomy) UBCV
  • Infrastructure for Theoretical and Experimental Iron-sulphur Laboratory at UBC Okanagan
    UBC Lead: Dr. Robert Szilagyi (Chemistry) UBCO


Proposals for matching provincial funding for CFI awards may be pending results.