UBC Projects Receive CFI Funding for Research Infrastructure

March 25, 2021

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, announced today more than $518 million in research infrastructure support through the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI).

The funding will support 102 projects at 60 universities, colleges and research hospitals across the country, and will help Canada remain at the forefront of exploration and knowledge generation. 

Nine projects led by UBC researchers have been awarded $28.3m in funding. UBC researchers are also collaborators on seven projects being led by other institutions.

See CFI Announcement


AM+: Mobilizing Additive Manufacturing for Automotive, Aerospace and Clean Energy
UBC Lead: Poole, Warren Applied (Science) 
Total CFI Award: $3.0m

iMAP in vivo Mesoscale Assessment of neuroProjectomes
UBC Lead: Murphy, Timothy (Medicine)
Total CFI Award: $2.3m

Used-Water to Resources (U-WatR)
UBC Lead: Bérubé, Pierre (Applied Science) 
Total CFI Award: $1.6m

Enabling the search for neutrinoless double-beta decays in Xe-136 with nEXO
UBC Lead: Kruecken, Reiner (Science) 
Partnering Institutions:  Carleton University, Laurentian University, McGill University, Université de Sherbrooke
Total CFI Award: $6.5m

MiDAS - Microbial Diversity Expansion for Applied Sciences
UBC Leads: Mayor, Thibault (Medicine) and Measday, Vivien (Land and Food Systems)
Total CFI Award: $3.3m

Rapid Air Improvement Network (RAIN)
Rogak, Steven and Zimmerman, Naomi (Applied Science)
Total CFI Award:$2.0m

Cancer Single Cell Dynamics Observatory
UBC Lead: Aparicio, Samuel (Medicine)
Total CFI Award: $2.4m

Momentum-resolved electron-pair spectroscopy (2e-ARPES)
UBC Leads: Damascelli, Andrea and Jones, David (Science)
Total CFI Award: $2.6m

HAICU: Hydrogen Antihydrogen Infrastructure at Canadian Universities for Quantum Innovations in Antimatter Science
UBC Leads: Fujiwara, Makoto and Momose, Takamasa (Science)
Partnering Institutions:  Simon Fraser University, University of Calgary
Total CFI Award: $4.6m

PROJECTS with UBC Collaborators 

Belle II Canadian Research Data Centre 
Lead Institution: University of Victoria
UBC lead: Hearty, Chris (Science)

CCAT-prime Telescope
Lead Institution: University of Waterloo
UBC lead: Scott, Douglas (Science)

Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA)
Lead Institution: McMaster University
UBC lead: Liu-Ambrose, Teresa (Medicine)

Building a Future of Canadian Neutron Scattering
Lead Institution: McMaster University
UBC lead: Aronson, Meigan and Hallas, Alannah (Science)

Mega-Scale Multi-Dimensional Experimental Facility for Enhancing Canada's Infrastructure Resilience
Lead Institution: University of Toronto
UBC lead: Alam, Shahria (Engineering, UBCO)

CGEn – A National Platform for Genome Sequencing and Analysis 
Lead Institution: The Hospital for Sick Children
UBC lead: Jones, Steven (Medicine)
forWater AID: Advanced Infrastructure 
Lead Institution: University of Waterloo
UBC lead: Johnson, Mark (Science)

Proposals for matching provincial funding for CFI awards are pending results.