UBC Researchers Awarded $2.1M through SSHRC Insight Development Grants

Thirty-five projects being led by UBC researchers have been awarded $2.1M from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) resulting from the 2019-20 Insight Development Grants competition.

UBC researchers were named as co-applicants on a further seven projects and as collaborators on another four projects.

A total of over $32 million was awarded to researchers from 69 Canadian institutions. 

Insight Development Grants support research in its early stages. They enable the development of new research questions, as well as experimentation with new methods, theoretical approaches or ideas. Funding is provided to individuals or teams for projects of up to two years.

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(August 18, 2020)

Projects led by UBC Researchers

  1. Kuus, Merje (Geography)
    Arctic diplomacy in flux: Arctic Council, China, and The European Union
  2. Kasahara, Hiroyuki (Vancouver School of Economics)
    Bootstrap Validity of Nonparametric Estimator by Deep Neural Network
  3. Marshall Manriquez, Guillermo (Sauder School of Business)
    How Strong are Weak Patents?: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry
  4. Noda, Shunya (Vancouver School of Economics)
    Mechanism Design and Blockchains
  5. McCasland, Jamie (Vancouver School of Economics)
    Co-applicant: Squires, Munir (Vancouver School of Economics)
    Nepotism, Need, and Negligence: Why do so many firms in Africa hire kin?
  6. Bena, Jan (Sauder School of Business)
    Stakeholder Culture and Pay Inequality within Firms
  7. Ahmed, Rumee (Asian Studies)
    The Other Muslim Creed: Theology, Power, and the Making of Islamic Orthodoxies
  8. Devereux, Michael (Vancouver School of Economics)
    Macroeconomic consequences of the breakdown of the world trading system
  9. Cohen, Tamara (Land and Food Systems)
    Development of a diet self-monitoring tool for assessing dietary behaviours according to the new Canada's Food Guide
  10. Yu, Lingtao (Sauder School of Business)
    Revisiting Abusive Leadership Through A Temporal Lens 
  11. Weaver, Michael (Political Science)
    Contesting Publicity: The Politics of Legitimating and Delegitimating Racial Violence in the United States
  12. Gladwin, Derek (Language & Literacy Education)
    Energy Literacy, Narrating Futures through Storytelling
  13. Palombo, Daniela (Psychology)
    UBC Collaborator: Rights, Jason (Psychology)
    The Interplay between Episodic Prospection and Far-sighted Decision Making
  14. Clough, David (Sauder School of Business)
    Software Hackathons and the Diffusion of Digital Platforms
  15. Lee, Barbara (School of Social Work)
    Exploring the Barriers and Facilitators for Effective Child Welfare Intervention for Asian-Canadian Children and Families: Perspectives of Service Users and Service Providers
  16. Schnellert, Leyton (Curriculum & Pedagogy)
    Working towards relational accountability through local Indigenous ways of knowing and being
  17. Zappa-Hollman, Sandra (Language & Literacy Education)
    A Case Study of Canadian University Instructors' Beliefs, Dispositions, and Perceptions of Ability Towards Working with Emergent Multilingual Undergraduate Learners
  18. Valencia, Felipe (Vancouver School of Economics)
    UBC Collaborator: Riano Rodriguez, Juan Felipe (Vancouver School of Economics)
    Conflict in history: the spoils of war
  19. Keenan, Harper (Curriculum & Pedagogy)
    Building Blocks: The Construction of Gender and Race in Primary Education
  20. Oberle, Eva (School of Population and Public Health)
    UBC Collaborator Gadermann, Anne (School of Population and Public Health)
    Positive youth development in a global context: Examining personal and contextual assets in relation to wellbeing in children in Pakistan
  21. Hutchison, Camden (Peter A. Allard School of Law)
    Co-applicant Lin, Li Wen (Peter A. Allard School of Law)
    Law and the Development of Entrepreneurial Regions
  22. Black, Alexis (School of Audiology & Speech Sciences)
    The impact of stimulus complexity on infant learning and behaviour
  23. Laurin, Kristin (Psychology)
    Understanding who values democracy, why: The beginnings of a new program of inquiry
  24. Moon, Seok Min (Vancouver School of Economics)
    Co-applicant Milligan, Kevin (Vancouver School of Economics)
    Corporate Concentration, Investment, and Labour Demand
  25. Makris, Georgios (Art History, Visual Art and Theory)
    The Archaeology of Monasticism in the Medieval Southeastern Balkans
  26. Aziz, Arslan (Sauder School of Business)
    Collaborator Lee, Gene (Sauder School of Business)
    Combating Fake Reviews
  27. Heine, Steven (Psychology)
    Cancel Culture: The psychological responses to moral character violations
  28. Lowe, Matthew (Vancouver School of Economics)
    WhatsApp with India? A Field Experiment on Partisan Misinformation and Political Preferences
  29. Frohlick, Susan (Community, Culture and Global Studies)
    Collaborator: McDonald, Fiona (Community, Culture and Global Studies)
    Unwanted Sound? Contested Lake and Highway Noise in Okanagan Summer Tourism
  30. Der, Lindsay (Community, Culture and Global Studies)
    Disruptive Technologies and Negative Heritage: Evaluating the Social and Economic Impacts of the 3D-printed Triumphal Arch of Palmyra
  31. Ward, Shannon (Community, Culture and Global Studies)
    Collaborator: Turin, Mark (Anthropology)
    Revitalizing Mother Tongues in Diaspora: Early Childhood Language Socialization among Tibetan Refugees
  32. Silfverberg, Miikka (Linguistics)
    Collaborators Davis, Henry (Linguistics), Matthewson, Lisa (Linguistics), Nicolai, Garrett (Linguistics)
    Inferring Inflectional Paradigms from Glossed Corpora for First Nations Languages
  33. Dobson, Teresa (Language and Literacy Education)
    UBC Collaborator: Macfadyen, Leah (Language and Literacy Education)
    Web mapping for collaborative place-based storytelling
  34. Nesbitt, Lorien (Forest Resources Management)
    Co-applicants Harris, Leila (Geography), Konijnendijk, Cecil (Forest Resources Management), Lauster, Nathanael (Sociology)
    Green gentrification and equitable urban forest governance in Metro Vancouver
  35. Bullard, Julia (School of Information)
    Subject description from the margins: Indigenous and Canadian scholarship

Projects with UBC Co-Applicants

  1. Vu, Tiffany (Saint Mary's University)
    UBC Co-applicant: White, Katherine (Sauder School of Business)
    Transitioning to Good: When is Striving to be an Ethical Business as Good as Being One?
  2. Hall, William (Brock University)
    UBC Co-applicant: Schmader, Toni (Psychology)
    Climates of inclusion: Creating positive interpersonal dynamics in STEM

  3. Rocchi, Meredith (University of Ottawa)
    UBC Co-applicant: Gainforth, Heather (School of Health and Exercise Sciences)
    Data Literacy Education, Developing Best Practices for Higher Education in the Humanities and Social Sciences

  4. White, Katherine (University of Waterloo)
    UBC Co-applicant: Orena, Adriel John (Infant Studies Centre)
    Tracking the linguistic and social properties of bilingual speakers across languages

  5. Berry, Tanya (University of Alberta)
    UBC Co-applicant: Locke, Sean (School of Health and Exercise Sciences)
    Exercise-related cognitive errors and believability of exercise information

  6. Heng Hartse, Joel (Simon Fraser University)
    UBC Co-applicant: Zappa-Hollman, Sandra (Language & Literacy Education)
    Underground Literacies: The Use of Private Academic Support Services by International EAL Students

  7. Chou, Fred (University of Victoria)
    UBC Co-applicant: Buchanan, Marla (Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education)
    Stories that shape us: Intergenerational trauma and Chinese Canadians

Projects with UBC Collaborators

  1. Darroch, Francine (Carleton University)
    UBC Collaborator: Elmore, Malindi (UBCO Athletics)
    Water bottles and baby bottles: Community-based participatory research to understand the experiences, media and social media portrayals of parenting track Olympians and Olympic hopefuls

  2. Riaz, Suhaib (University of Ottawa)
    UBC Collaborator: Bhardwaj, Arjun (Management)
    Organizing to address societal challenges: Insights from multiple stakeholder interventions for education among the marginalized

  3. Aceves Sepulveda, Gabriela (Simon Fraser University)
    UBC Collaborator: Santos, Alessandra (Department of French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
    Re-activation, Re-mediation and Re-enactment as Feminist Explorations in the Media Arts Archive

  4. Riecke, Bernhard (Simon Fraser University)
    UBC Collaborator: Kingstone, Alan (Psychology)
    JeL: Synchronization through a Virtual Reality installation for interpersonal connection


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