UBC Researchers Awarded $7m from SSHRC Partnership Programs

SSHRC has announced that $75 million in total funding has been awarded across Canada through the 2019-20 competitions for the Partnership Grants, Partnership Development Grants and SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships.

  • UBC researchers are leading three projects supported by Partnership Grants, with a combined award of $6.1m
  • Six projects led by UBC researchers are receiving $1.2m through Partnership Development Grants.
  • Additionally, ten Postdoctoral Fellowships are being administered by UBC for a total of $0.9m Full list of awardees

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UBC-led Partnership Grants

Co-Curricular-Making: Honouring Indigenous Connections to Land, Culture, and the Relational Self

Applicant: Margaret Macintyre Latta (Okanagan School of Education)
UBC Co-applicants: Jan Hare (Language & Literacy Education), Karen Ragoonaden (Okanagan School of Education), Sabre Cherkowski (Okanagan School of Education)
$1,076,813 (5 years)

Towards Barrier-Free Communities : A Partnership for Improving Mobility, Access and Participation (MAP) Among People with Disabilities

Applicant: William (Ben) Mortenson (Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy)
UBC Co-applicant: Kathleen Martin Ginis (School of Health and Exercise Sciences),
$2,500,000 (7 years)

Ensuring Full Literacy in a Multicultural and Digital World

Applicant: Janet Werker (Psychology)
UBC Co-applicants: Anthony Herdman (School of Audiology & Speech Sciences), Bryan Gick (Linguistics), Carla Hudson Kam (Linguistics), Guofang Li ( Language and Literacy Education), Mark Turin (Anthropology), Muhammad Abdul-Mageed (Library, Archival & Information Studies), Raymond Ng (Computer Science)
$2,500,000 (7 years)


Full list of awardees, partners and collaborators


  • Rose-Marie A. Déchaine (Linguistics)
    Haa Yoo Xh'atángi Daak Gaxhtootée: We Will Bring Our Language Out Into Brightness
  • Antje Ellermann (Political Science)
    Belonging in Unceded Territory
  • Sumeet Gulati (Land and Food Systems/IRES)
    Human Casualties and Wildlife Conservation in India
  • Katherine J. White (Sauder School of Business) 
    Sustainable Behavioural Insights: Developing a Framework for Nudging Long-Term Behaviour Change
  • Hannah K. Wittman (Land and Food Systems/IRES) 
    Navigating agroecological transitions in Latin America
  • Sheila R. Woody (Psychology)
    Assessment as a roadmap: Community responses to hoarding

Full list of awardees