UBC Researchers Awarded Over $19M in CIHR Spring 2020 Project Grant Competition

UBC researchers have been awarded more than $19M for 27 projects being led at the university and its affiliated health authority research centres through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research's Project Grant: Spring 2020 Competition.

An additional two projects led by UBC researchers were awarded funding through priority announcement bridge grants. 

As CIHR’s largest funding program, the Project Grant competitions support multi-year grants for researchers at various stages in their careers as they conduct research projects that cover the full range of health research topics.

Through the Spring 2020 Project Grant competition, CIHR has funded 336 Full Project Grants, plus nine bridge grants, for a total investment of approximately $253 million. In addition, 16 priority announcement bridge grants were funded to a total amount of $1,460,000.

Full competition results


27 projects led by researchers at UBC and our affiliated health authority research centres were awarded $19M in Project Grant funding. 

  • Signaling mechanisms in axonal degeneration
    UBC Principal Investigator: Barker, Philip A (Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science)
  • Pilot RCT for cognitive-behavioural & mindfulness-based online programs for female sexual dysfunction
    UBC Principal Investigator: Brotto, Lori Anne (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Motherhood and brain aging: the effects of hormone therapy, immune and metabolic challenges later in life
    UBC Principal Investigator: Galea, Liisa A (Faculty of Arts)
  • Identification of HOXB13 inhibitors to treat castrate-resistant prostate cancer
    UBC Principal Investigators: Gleave, Martin E; Lack, Nathan A (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Predicting and Evaluating Anal Cancer in HIV with novel biomarkers: The PEACH Study
    UBC Principal Investigators: Grennan, Jonathan (Troy) (Faculty of Medicine)
    Other named PIs: Burchell, Ann N; Salit, Irving E
  • A randomized trial of doxycycline chemoprophylaxis for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections in gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (gbMSM)
    UBC Principal Investigators: Grennan, Jonathan (Troy); Hull, Mark W (Faculty of Medicine)
    Other named PIs: Burchell, Ann N; Tan, Darrell H
  • Targeting TSLP - Novel anti-inflammatory compounds for the treatment and prevention of atopic diseases
    UBC Principal Investigator: Hedtrich, Sarah (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Chronic diseases in mothers and risks of neuro-developmental disorders in offspring: an international comparison
    UBC Principal Investigator: Joseph, K. S (Faculty of Medicine)
    Other named PIs: Razaz, Neda
  • Novel endothelial engineering and localized immunosuppression approaches for the protection of organ transplants
    UBC Principal Investigators: Kizhakkedathu, Jayachandran N (Faculty of Medicine)
    Other named PIs: Choy, Jonathan C
  • Childhood Epigenetic Age Deviations and Developmental Differences (CEAD3)
    UBC Principal Investigator: Kobor, Michael S (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Characterization and treatment of a novel conditional mouse model of pyridoxine-dependent epileptic encephalopathy caused by antiquitin mutations.
    UBC Principal Investigator: Leavitt, Blair R (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Improving clinical practice recommendations for late preterm antenatal corticosteroids: incorporating a decision support tool to tackle the uncertain balance of risks and benefits
    UBC Principal Investigator: Liauw, Jessica (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Enterovirus subversion of the autophagy pathway
    UBC Principal Investigator: Luo, Honglin (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Reducing unsafe prescribing of prescription opioid medications to opioid naïve patients
    UBC Principal Investigators: McCracken, Rita; Wood, Evan (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Maternal exposures during pregnancy as drivers of susceptibility to allergic asthma and Th2 inflammation.
    UBC Principal Investigator: McNagny, Kelly M (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Self-Management for Amputee Rehabilitation using Technology (SMART) program: A peer supported mHealth approach for rehabilitation after lower limb amputation
    UBC Principal Investigators: Miller, William C; Ashe, Maureen C; Mortenson, William B; Payne, Michael W (Faculty of Medicine)
    Other named PIs: King, Sheena
  • Evaluating tetrahydrocannabinol as an adjunct to opioid agonist therapy for individuals living with opioid use disorder: A Phase II, placebo-controlled, blinded, pilot study to assess safety and feasibility
    UBC Principal Investigator: Milloy, Michael-John S (Faculty of Medicine)
    Other named PIs: Soc­as, Marí­a E
  • Engaging and retaining marginalized populations in primary health care in the  downtown east side of Vancouver
    UBC Principal Investigator: Moore, David M (Faculty of Medicine)
    Other named PIs: Parashar, Surita; Salters, Kate
  • Improved Assessment of Disease in Lymphoma Patients using Quantitative PET Imaging
    UBC Principal Investigator: Rahmim, Arman (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Delineating between pathophysiologic phenotypes of hypoxic ischemic brain injury after cardiac arrest
    UBC Principal Investigator: Sekhon, Mypinder S (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Tau pathology and circuit vulnerability in the hippocampal memory system
    UBC Principal Investigator: Snyder, Jason S (Faculty of Arts)
  • Tissue resident and migratory group 2 innate lymphoid cells in health and disease
    UBC Principal Investigator: Takei, Fumio (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Neuro-cardiac predictors of treatment response to rTMS in depression: a mechanistic study using interleaved TMS-fMRI
    UBC Principal Investigator: Vila-Rodriguez, Fidel (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Low frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) vs. intermittent Theta Burst Stimulation TMS effectiveness in depression and suicidal ideation: a randomized non-inferiority trial
    UBC Principal Investigator: Vila-Rodriguez, Fidel (Faculty of Medicine)
  • The role of PRDM16 in neuroendocrine prostate cancer development and aggressiveness
    UBC Principal Investigator: Wang, Yuzhuo (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Characterization of invadopodia formation in response to local cues and their role in orchestrating metastasis.
    UBC Principal Investigator: Williams, Karla (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • A prospective and longitudinal investigation of concussive and subconcussive mild traumatic brain injury mechanisms in ice hockey
    UBC Principal Investigators: Wu, Lyndia (Chun) (Faculty of Applied Science); Rauscher, Alexander (Faculty of Medicine); van Donkelaar, Paul (Faculty of Health and Social Development)

National Project Grant Results


Two additional projects led by UBC researchers were awarded $200,000 through intstitue priority announcement bridge grants.

  • The Positively Dance Pilot Program: Examining the Feasibility of a Peer Research Associate-Led Dance Program for Women Living With HIV
    (Priority Announcement: HIV/AIDS and STBBI)
    UBC Principal Investigator: Puterman, Eli (Faculty of Education)
  • Understanding Human Primary Atopic Disorders
    (Priority Announcement: Skin Conditions)
    UBC Principal Investigators: Turvey, Stuart E ; Biggs, Catherine M (Faculty of Medicine)