UBC researchers leading five new CREATE training programs

April 18, 2023

UBC researchers are leading five new training initiatives to help prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers for their future careers through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada's (NSERC) Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program. 

These innovative and multidisciplinary training and mentorship programs help teams of highly qualified students and postdoctoral fellows develop their professional and technical skills while preparing them for their future careers in academia, industry, government and beyond.

The five UBC-led programs were awarded a combined $8.25 million over six years by NSERC as part of a national investment of more than $32 million for 20 new programs through the CREATE program.

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UBC-led programs

Each program was awarded $1.65 million over six years by NSERC.

  • Dr. Ali Bashashati (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine / School of Biomedical Engineering)
    Project title: MUlti-Scale multi-modal Image Computing for health (MUSIC)
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  • Dr. Antony Hodgson (Mechanical Engineering)
    Care Anywhere: Smart Biosensors to Promote Healthy Aging and Transform Healthcare
  • Dr. Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine)
    Charging into the Future (CITF): Training in Polyelectrolyte Biosystems for Tomorrow’s Health Challenges
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  • Dr. Frank Wood (Computer Science)
    Advanced Machine Learning Training Network (AML-TN)
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  • Dr. Chadwick Sinclair (Materials Engineering)
    Net0MM: Net Zero in Materials and Manufacturing


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