UBC-V Public Humanities Hub announces award recipients for three programs

The UBC Vancouver Public Humanities Hub recently announced the winners of three awards: the Public Humanities Faculty Fellowship Awards, the Public Humanities Seed Grants, and the Public Humanities Research Cluster Grants. 

Public Humanities Faculty Fellows 2023-24

Public Humanities Faculty Fellowships are awarded to scholars to support their development of public-facing Humanities research projects among an interdisciplinary community of scholars. Fellows receive a course-release to work on an individual humanities-oriented research project. Congratulations to this year’s awardees:

  • Leora Morris (Theatre and Film)
  • Gaston Gordillo (Anthropology)
  • Shoufu Yin (History)
  • Elizabeth "Biz" Nijdam (Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies)

see website for full details

Public Humanities Seed Grants: April 2023 

The Public Humanities Seed Grant program aims to provide support for new creative, collaborative, and experimental public humanities projects imagined broadly. These funds “seed” small projects by providing an initial investment to help incubate ideas and collaborations that might go on to find larger funding sources for long-term sustainability as the project grows. Six Seed Grants of up to $2500 were awarded in April 2023:

  • Helena Wu (Hong Kong Studies) & Jimmy Lo (MFA Film Production)
  • Elizabeth "Biz" Nijdam (Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies)
  • Zahra Hayat (Anthropology)
  • Kim Beauchesne (French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies)
  • Min Ren (Graduate Student, Gender, Race, and Social Justice)
  • Michele Koppes (Geography)

see website for full details

Public Humanities Research Cluster Grants 2023-25

In the 2023-25 competition, a total of $43,000 was awarded to three research clusters to promote research activity and collaboration among humanities scholars at UBC and beyond; to help collaborators leverage funding to secure additional support; and to foster more public-facing sharing of research.

  • What's Past is Prologue: Mobilizing the UBC First Folio
    PI: Patricia Badir (English Language & Literatures)
  • Comic Studies Cluster
    PI: Elizabeth "Biz" Nijdam (Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies)
  • Connecting Education and Social Solidarity Economies
    PI: Michelle Stack, Educational Studies

see website for full details