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Looking for a research partner to help develop a product, test a theory or create a new venture?

Consider the advantages of UBC, which include access to our world-class researchers and top research facilities.

We work with you to develop a flexible research arrangement that best advances your business, product or service. This can mean working on a collaborative project, conducting research on your behalf or helping you access our space, equipment and students.

Not sure where to start?

Check out the sections below, or contact Riya Ganguly, Director of Strategic Partnersips, 604 218-7628.  


Collaborative Research

Access faculty expertise, advanced equipment and facilities, and the next generation of HQP

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 Licensing UBC Inventions

Find the next breakthrough technology for your product, treatment or service

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Facilities + Equipment

UBC's research facilities and equipment can often be accessed by industry

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Ways of working with our faculty and students