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Study finds lack of racial diversity in cancer drug clinical trials

Post Date: Aug 16, 2019

New research published this week in JAMA Oncology has found a lack of racial and ethnic diversity in clinical trials for cancer drugs.

The study—conducted by researchers from UBC, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle and Baylor University in Texas—raises concerns about the effectiveness of cancer drugs in some patients, especially since genetic differences may affect how well a patient responds to a drug.

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UBC experts on ethics commissioner’s report on SNC-Lavalin

Post Date: Aug 15, 2019

Federal Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion said today that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau contravened a section of the Conflict of Interest Act by pressuring former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould to halt criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.

UBC experts are available to comment:

Kathryn Harrison Professor, Department of Political Science Cell: 778-968-4923 Email:

  • Canadian politics and Canadian government

*Please email to set up interview time

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Amateur investors fail to diversify and are better off choosing stocks at random

Post Date: Aug 14, 2019

Whether they’re aiming to avoid high financial management fees, control their own investments, or enjoy the thrill of playing the market, more consumers are opening investment accounts and making their own stock picks.

But a new study from the UBC Sauder School of Business has found that less experienced investors are failing to diversify — and could be putting themselves at serious financial risk. The effect is so pronounced that many amateur investors would be better off choosing stocks at complete random.

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UBC experts on Vancouver Pride

Post Date: Aug 06, 2019

As Vancouver’s Pride Week celebration gets underway, UBC experts are available to comment on LGBTQ2S+ issues:

Mary Bryson Professor, Department of Language and Literacy Education, Faculty of Education Email:

  • Media; cultural studies; transgender; human rights; gender; health; queer theory

JP Catungal (Preferred pronouns: He, him, his)  Assistant Professor, The Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice Email:

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High insulin production may contribute to pancreatic cancer

Post Date: Aug 01, 2019

UBC scientists have demonstrated for the first time a causal link between high insulin levels and pancreatic cancer.

In a study published today in Cell Metabolism, researchers lowered insulin levels in mice predisposed to developing pancreatic cancer and found that these lower levels protected the mice against developing the disease.

The findings hold promise for early detection and prevention of pancreatic cancer in humans.

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Biodiversity highest on Indigenous-managed lands

Post Date: Jul 31, 2019

UBC-led study highlights importance of collaborating with Indigenous communities to protect species

More than one million plant and animal species worldwide are facing extinction, according to a recent United Nations report. Now, a new UBC-led study suggests that Indigenous-managed lands may play a critical role in helping species survive.

The researchers analyzed land and species data from Australia, Brazil and Canada – three of the world’s biggest countries – and found that the total numbers of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles were the highest on lands managed or co-managed by Indigenous communities.

Richard Schuster

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Beyond the bottom line: Investors favour companies that give back

Post Date: Aug 14, 2019

Savvy business leaders understand that when companies give back, they can attract better employees and win customers. But a new study shows they’re not only doing it to impress workers and consumers: they’re also doing it to boost their bottom line.

Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is defined as actions that promote social good beyond the immediate interest of a company and its shareholders, and also beyond what is required by law. This can include things like sponsoring a new city park, launching green initiatives, setting up an employee assistance program, seconding an employee to a charitable organization, or making improvements to safety and working conditions that are far greater than what regulations demand.

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