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UBC declares climate emergency and moves forward on two key divestment initiatives

Post Date: Dec 06, 2019

The University of British Columbia has today joined communities and organizations around the world in declaring a climate emergency.

“UBC acknowledges the urgency of the climate crisis and we must directly face the coming challenges. At this pivotal moment, the decisions and actions we take today will reverberate beyond our own borders and lifetimes,” said UBC President and Vice-Chancellor Santa J. Ono. “We appreciate the ongoing commitment of our community to mitigating climate change, especially our students, who have shown their remarkable and commendable leadership to address the most pressing issue of our time.”

Santa J. Ono

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One in two homeless people may have experienced a head injury in their lifetime

Post Date: Dec 04, 2019

Almost one in four may have experienced a head injury that is moderate or severe

People who are homeless experience a disproportionately high lifetime prevalence of traumatic brain injury (TBI), according to a new UBC-led study published today in The Lancet Public Health.

The meta-analysis—which looked at 38 studies published between 1995 and 2018—is the first to look at the prevalence of TBI in people who are homeless or in unstable housing situations.

The results suggest that one in two (53 per cent) homeless people experience a TBI, and one in four (25 per cent) experience a TBI that is moderate or severe.

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Earthquake risk perception: A picture is worth a thousand stats

Post Date: Dec 02, 2019

Seismic engineers and psychologists from the University of British Columbia teamed up with a visual artist to create the image above, which shows what a Vancouver elementary school would look like after a major earthquake. Then, the team tested whether the image would be more effective than statistics in helping people appreciate the risk posed by a major earthquake.

Iris Lok

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Canadians dying at a higher rate in areas with more air pollution

Post Date: Dec 05, 2019

Air pollution – even at levels below national and international air quality guidelines – is associated with an increased risk of deaths in Canada, according to new UBC research.

The study, published today in a Health Effects Institute (HEI) report, is the largest and most comprehensive so far to look at the relationship between air pollution and mortality in Canada. HEI is an independent, non-profit organization whose mandate is to provide high-quality, impartial, and relevant science on the health effects of pollutants from motor vehicles and from other sources in the environment.

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New book offers candid look at life after prison for women

Post Date: Dec 03, 2019

As a former prison physician, Dr. Ruth Elwood Martin knows how difficult it can be for women to navigate life after prison.

That’s the focus of a new book Releasing Hope, co-edited by Elwood Martin, founding director of UBC’s Collaborating Centre for Prison Health and Education, and collaborators, including former inmate and now social worker Mo Korchinski.

Dr. Ruth Elwood Martin (left), founding director of UBC’s Collaborating Centre for Prison Health and Education, with former inmate and now social worker Mo Korchinski.

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Women & men gain political influence differently, UBC research finds

Post Date: Nov 25, 2019

Using survey data from villages in the Philippines, the working paper compares how woman and men gain political influence.
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Gamblers under the influence of alcohol place higher bets after losses

Post Date: Nov 25, 2019

Gamblers don’t always make rational decisions. Their approach to any given bet is often influenced by the bets, wins and losses that have come before it—even when those things have no bearing whatsoever on the outcome.

A study recently published in Psychopharmacology by researchers from the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC and colleagues in the U.K. examined the effects of alcohol on these irrational decisions.

We spoke with professor Luke Clark, director of the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC and senior author of the study, about their findings.

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