Indirect Costs FAQ

Please consult these frequently asked questions for information on UBC's recovery of the indirect costs of research.

What are indirect costs of research?
What is the UBC rate of indirect cost recovery?

What about agencies such as the National Institutes of Health that won’t pay the full rate?

Does this mean I’ll get less money for my research project?

How are indirect costs collected from my research funding?

What is the rate that other Universities are using across North America?

Why is funding from the Tri-Councils excluded?

How are indirect costs to be presented?

If I build-in the indirect costs of research into the price of a research project, isn’t this deceptive?

How does this work for my Tri-council partnered grant application?

My department or faculty deducts a percentage from certain grants and contracts to cover locally-provided services. How do I include that in my budget?

When UBC collects indirect costs of research, where does this money go?
What are approved centres and institutes
Do student scholarships and fellowships attract indirect cost recovery?

Who negotiates rates and payments with individual agencies and companies?

Where can I find the University’s policy on indirect costs?
Are donations to research subject to indirect cost recovery?

Are sub-awards to UBC from other institutions subject to indirect cost recovery?

Do UBC Endowments attract indirect cost recovery?

Are grants for equipment only subject to indirect cost recovery?