From research to reality

UBC researchers are participating in the Research2Reality initiative, a national not-for-profit project to help Canadians understand the value and impact of university research.  




Dr. Luke Clark looks at how game design influences gambling addiction.

Dr. James Olson knows forestry is not only sustainable, it's flexible... and it's set to bring us countless innovations in the coming decades.


Dr. Marwan Hassan studies the factors that influence how our landscape looks – from rivers to mountains.

CIFAR Fellow, Dr. Matilde Bombardini examines the role of lobbyists and how their expertise can bridge the gap between science, society, and policy.

Dr. Daniel Justice portrays the true nature of indigenous peoples through artistic and literary expression.

Professor Martin Gleave studies the mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer cells and how to overcome them to save lives.


Dr. Michael Kobor studies epigenetics, looking for patterns of gene activity and concrete evidence of the long term impact of childhood poverty on health.

Dr. Amanda Vincent is part of Project Seahorse – a marine conservation group dedicated to keeping our marine ecosystems healthy.


Dr. Constance Crompton is redefining research in the humanities with powerful computational tools.

Dr. Kate Shannon opens access to healthcare for sex workers and other marginalized communities disproportionately impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.


Dr. Andrew Krahn is discovering genetic factors that will enable us to identify and manage the risks of sudden cardiac deaths.

Dr. Sally Aitken is developing genomic approaches to understanding and preserving our forests in adapting environments.


Dr. Marv Westwood's Veterans Transition Program, developed with Drs. David Kuhl and Tim Black, helps returning Canadian soldiers in distress.

Dr. Julio Montaner, of UBC/Providence Health Care BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, is a global leader in the treatment and prevention of an otherwise deadly disease.


Dr. Sally Otto talks about the importance of understanding adaptation and preserving biodiversity.

Dr. Walter Mérida’s research is finding new, sustainable alternatives to combustion to satisfy our energy needs.


Dr. Anoush Poursartip is designing and developing a new generation of composite materials.

Dr. Andrea Damascelli is generating new knowledge about quantum materials and their exciting potential.


Neuroscientist and physical therapist Dr. Lara Boyd discusses her work in stroke recovery.

Dr. Darren Dahl's research drives understanding of consumer behaviour and motivation.


Dr. Wade Davis discusses what can be done to preserve cultures at risk.

Dr. Galit Sarfaty looks at breaking the chain of human rights abuse.