Latest UBC recipients of JELF funding announced to attract and retain top researchers

August 11, 2021

UBC researchers received more than $5.7m in funding for 37 projects from the Canada Foundation for Innovation's (CFI) John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF).

The JELF awards were announced by the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, as part of a larger announcement of more than more than $77 million to support 332 research infrastructure projects at 50 universities across the country.

This contribution will help universities attract and retain top researchers.

One of the infrastructure projects receiving CFI funding is based at UBC’s School of Biomedical Engineering. Here, Professor Anna Blakney will focus on the prevention and treatment of infections, such as COVID-19, as well as inherited disorders and diseases, including cancer. Her work aims to revolutionize treatments with new biotechnologies involving the engineering of vaccine formulations.

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UBC JELF FUNDING RECIPIENTS (November 2020, March 2021 and June 2021 Rounds)

  • Feldman, Rebecca (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics, UBCO)
    Advanced MRI Hardware Laboratory ($125,000)
  • Hasan, Mohammad Khalad (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics, UBCO)
    Advanced Co-Located Mobile Interaction Laboratory ($77,140)
  • Narayan, Apurva (School of Engineering, UBCO)
    Mining and Verifying Specification of Complex Software Systems ($91,850)
  • Noack, Frederik (Land and Food Systems)
    Environment Economics Research Unit ($107,575)
  • Page, Brent (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
    Targeted Inhibition of Oncogenic STAT3 Signaling using Cutting edge Chemical Biology Techniques ($125,000)
  • Rayment, Jonathan (Pediatrics)
    Hyperpolarized 129-xenon Paediatric Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging ($175,000)
  • Vanderwal, Tamara (Psychiatry) 
    Naturalistic Neuroimaging of Child Psychiatric Disorders ($124,319)


  • Benoit, Michael (School of Engineering, UBCO)
    Development of Crack-Resistant High Strength Aluminum Alloys for Laser Metal Deposition ($125,000)
  • Blakney, Anna (School of Biomedical Engineering)
    RNA Enhancement And Clinical Translation (REACT) Platform ($125,000)
  • Greenblatt, Ethan (Biochemistry)
    The RNA Regulation Laboratory (RRL): A platform for discovering the roles of RNA regulation in autism spectrum disorders ($220,000)
  • Leitch, Duncan (Zoology)
    Sensory System Adaptions Through Electroreception: From Molecules to Behaviour ($380,000)
  • Leslie, Sabrina (Physics and Astronomy)
    Single-molecule and Single-cell Microscopy Platform for Therapeutics Research and Development ($462,446)
  • Lougheed, Jessica (Psychology, UBCO)
    Investigating Parent-Adolescent Dynamics in the Emotion Dynamics Lab ($92,187)
  • Nichols, Eva (Chemistry)
    Advanced Infrared Spectroscopy System for the Mechanistic Study of Catalytic Carbon Oxide Reduction ($125,000)
  • Noh, Minkyun (Mechanical Engineering)
    Control and Instrumentation Infrastructure for High-speed Bearingless Motors Research ($125,000)
  • Reid, Jolene (Chemistry)
    Modern Data Analysis Tools for Reaction Discovery and Development ($125,000)
  • Roeser, Dominik (Forestry)
    Maximizing Value Creation from Canada's Forests ($90,684)
  • Roeser, Dominik (Forestry)
    Cell Competition Analysis Platform ($125,000)
  • Silverberg, Noah (Psychology)
    Persistent Symptoms After Concussion: Psychological Mechanisms and Treatment ($125,000)
  • Upham, David (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
    Controlling the Reaction Environment in Sustainable Catalytic Processes to Produce Fuels, Chemicals, and Power ($159,821)
  • Willard, Tania (Creative and Critical Studies, UBCO)
    Site/ation Studio: Indigenous Land as Art ($125,000)


  • Al-Dabbagh, Ahmad (School of Engineering, UBCO)
    Toward Autonomy and Resilience of Control Systems Using an Industry 4.0 Platform ($125,000)
  • Barker, Shaun (Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences)
    µXRF Mapping for Mineral Exploration and Mineral Processing ($125,000)
  • Bashashati, Ali (School of Biomedical Engineering)
    AI-driven Platform for Translating Precision Medicine Discoveries in Women’s Cancers ($325,000)
  • Brar, Gurcharn Singh (Land and Food Systems)
    Controlled-Environment Facility for Crop Pathology and Genetics Research (CEF-CPG) ($125,000)
  • Emberson, Lauren (Psychology)
    Using fNIRS to Uncover Neurodevelopmental Difference arising from Prematurity ($245,000)
  • Foster, Johan (Forestry)
    Advanced Bioproducts from Canadian Forests ($400,000)
  • Hammerly, Christopher (Linguistics)
    The Experimental Linguistics and Fieldwork Lab ($61,152)
  • Kramer, John (School of Kinesiology)
    Beyond Ratings: A Neurophysiology Lab to Assess the Neurobiology of Pain ($109,397)
  • Pranckevicius, Conor (Chemistry, UBCO)
    Multifunctional Borylenes for Metal and Boron-mediated Reactions ($125,000)
  • Ranger, Manon (School of Nursing)
    Healthy Brain Development in Preterm Infants ($123,640)
  • Schmidt, Julia (Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy)
    Innovations for Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation ($120,596)
  • Shehata, Mohamed (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics, UBCO) 
    Laboratory for Emerging-research in Aerial Visual Extended Surveillance ($116,854)
  • Smith, Megan (Creative and Critical Studies, UBCO)
    Critical Future Studio/Lab ($116,800)
  • Thorogood, Miles (Creative and Critical Studies, UBCO)
    Sonic Production, Intelligence, Research, and Applications Lab (SPIRAL) ($106,222)
  • Tokuyama, Maria (Microbiology)
    Mapping the Virus-Immune Interactome ($150,000)
  • Whittaker, Jackie (Physical Therapy)
    Musculoskeletal Health and Mobility Laboratory Infrastructure ($125,000)