The Life Sciences Institute becomes a designated UBC Global Research Excellence Institute

gloved hands precisely manipulating a tiny sample

The Life Sciences Institute (LSI) has become a designated UBC Global Research Excellence (GREx) Institute. As a GREx Institute, the LSI, housed in the UBC Life Sciences Centre, will pursue the Biological Resilience Initiative (BRI), integrating foundational, cross-disciplinary and collaborative research, across multiple scales to elucidate the mechanisms of resilience in biological systems.

The BRI is the first initiative in Canada to study life science questions through the lens of innate resilience. It will be a generative hub, focusing innovative, interdisciplinary collaborations on the grand challenges that face human health and the health of our planet.

UBC GREx institutes advance global excellence in collaborative and interdisciplinary research. They aim to integrate fundamental and translational research, and allow research clusters to realize their full potential and impact. The LSI becomes the fourth GREx institute at UBC.

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