SSHRC awards $10m in funding to projects led by UBC researchers

June 16, 2022

The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, announced more than $175 million to support 809 social sciences and humanities research projects across Canada.

This investment, through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s (SSHRC’s) Partnership GrantsPartnership Development GrantsInsight Grants and Aid to Scholarly Journals grants, supports research, research partnerships, and knowledge mobilization across a multitude of issues of critical relevance to our society. Funding is provided to researchers, research teams and publications for projects of up to seven years.

A total of 44 projects led by UBC researchers were awarded combined funding of $9.7 million through Partnership Grants, Partnership Development Grants and Insight Grants.

UBC researchers are also listed as co-applicants and collaborators on many additional projects.

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UBC-led projects

Partnership Grants

Partnership Grants support large teams working in a formal collaboration between postsecondary institutions and public, private or not-for-profit organizations. These grants provide funding for four to seven years to advance research, research training and/or knowledge mobilization in the social sciences and humanities through mutual co-operation and sharing of intellectual leadership.  

One UBC-led project was awarded $2.5m through the Partnership Grants program.

  1. Project Director: Cheung, William (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries)
    Project Director: Rashid Sumaila (Institute for Oceans & Fisheries / School of Public Policy and Global Affairs)
    UBC Co-applicants: Louise Teh (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries), Lydia Teh (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries), Tara Martin (Forest and Conservation Sciences), Terre Satterfield (Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability)
    Solving Sustainability Challenges at the Food-Climate-Biodiversity Nexus
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Additonally, UBC's Dr. Andrea Webb (Curriculum & Pedagogy) is named as co-director on the project Visual Storytelling and Graphic Art in Genocide and Human Rights Education led by Dr. Charlotte Schallié (University of Victoria), which was awarded $2.5m. UBC co-applicants on this project are: Dallas Hunt (English Language and Literatures), Elizabeth Shaffer (School of Information), Mary Chapman (English Language and Literatures), Peter Klein (School of Journalism, Writing, and Media), Shannon Leddy (Curriculum & Pedagogy) and Shelly Rosenblum (Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery). UBC collaborators on this project: Cash Ahenakew (Educational Studies), Elizabeth Nijdam (Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies), George Belliveau (Language & Literacy Education) and Vanessa De Oliveira Andreotti (Educational Studies).

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Partnership Development Grants 

SSHRC Partnership Development Grants provide support for one to three years to teams working in a formal partnership between postsecondary institutions and public, private or not-for-profit organizations. The grants are intended to develop research and related activities, including knowledge mobilization and the meaningful involvement of students and emerging scholars; or to design and test new partnership approaches for research and related activities that may result in best practices or models that can be adapted by others. 

Three projects led by UBC researchers were awarded a combined total of $0.6 million.

  1. Cheek, Timothy (History / School of Public Policy and Global Affairs)
    UBC collaborator(s): Victoria Lemieux (School of Information)
    Xinjiang Documentation Partnership
  2. Irwin, Rita (Curriculum & Pedagogy)
    UBC co-applicant(s): Shannon Leddy (Curriculum & Pedagogy)
    Learning with the Land
  3. Stewart, Jaclyn (Chemistry)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Joss Ives (Physics and Astronomy)
    UBC Collaborator(s): Blaire Steinwand (Zoology), Celeste Leander (Botany), Jose Rodriguez Nunez (Chemistry), Karen Smith (Microbiology & Immunology), Laura Lukes (Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences), Sunita Chowrira (Zoology), Surita Jhangiani (Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education)
    Canadian Consortium of Science Equity Scholars

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Insight Grants

Insight Grants support research excellence in the social sciences and humanities. Funding is available to emerging and established scholars for research initiatives of two to five years. Stable support for long-term research initiatives is central to advancing knowledge. 

Forty projects led by UBC researchers were awarded a combined $6.6 million.

  1. Andres, Lesley (Educational Studies)
    COVID-19 and the Work/Family Interface: Gender, Education, Labour Market Inequalities, Household Dynamics, and Individual Wellbeing from a Life Course Perspective
  2. Broom, Catherine (Okanagan School of Education)
    Challenging Canadian Citizenship and Identity: Re-Imagining a New Narrative of Belonging
  3. Bulkan, Janette (Forest Resources Management)
    UBC Collaborator(s): Maedel, Jerry (Forestry), Palmer, John (Forestry)
    Best practices in artisanal fisheries in the Guiana Shield to support local communities and ecosystem resilience
  4. Chapman, Mary (English Language and Literatures)
    Intimate Empire: The Story of Sui Sin Far's Family
  5. Cheng, Jie (Peter A Allard School of Law)
    Judicial Politics in Contemporary China: A Case Study of the Cross-Regional Courts Reform
  6. Code, Jillianne (Curriculum & Pedagogy)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Zaparyniuk, Nicholas (Educational Studies)
    Agency and Learning in Immersive and Virtual Environments (ALIVE)
  7. Cui, Wei (Peter A Allard School of Law)
    Trade in Services: A New Foundation for the Economics and Law of International Taxation
  8. Dauvergne, Peter (Political Science)
    The Politics of Plastics Governance in the Global South
  9. Davidoff, Thomas (Sauder School of Business)
    The Evolution of Laneway Home Acceptance in Vancouver
  10. Dawson, Samantha (Psychology)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Lougheed, Jessica (Psychology)
    Interpersonal up-regulation of positive emotion and couples' sexual well-being: A dyadic observational, physiological, daily, and longitudinal investigation
  11. Dick, Alexander (English Language and Literatures)
    Imagining the Hebrides: Coastal Poetics in Eighteenth-Century Scotland
  12. Dixon, Joy (History)
    Evangelicalism and Sexuality in Britain since 1945
  13. Dollinger, Stefan (English Language and Literatures)
    A third edition of the Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles: foregrounding minorities and the mobile user
  14. Gulati, Sumeet (Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability)
    UBC Collaborator(s): Gopalakrishnan, Sathish (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Human Elephant Conflict in India
  15. Herrington, Susan (School of Architecture + Landscape Architecture)
    Reinterpreting Christopher Tunnard Landscape Architect
  16. Kasahara, Hiroyuki (Vancouver School of Economics)
    Identification and Estimation of Markup, TFP, and Production Function from Revenue Data under Unobserved Heterogeneity
  17. Lauer, Sean (Department of Sociology)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Yan, Miu Chung (School of Social Work)
    Making Friends at the Neighbourhood House: A Qualitative, Longitudinal Examination of Friendship Formation
  18. Lemieux, Thomas (Vancouver School of Economics)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Fortin, Nicole (Vancouver School of Economics), Saggio, Raffaele (Vancouver School of Economics)
    Imperfect competition and wage disparities: New evidence and policy implications
  19. LeMoult, Joelle (Psychology)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Rnic, Katerina (Psychology)
    Co-rumination and the Tripartite Model of Familial Influence: A Longitudinal Examination of Co-rumination Across the Transition to Adolescence
  20. Li, Kai (Sauder School of Business)
    Gender, Competition, and Performance: International Evidence
  21. Marshall Manriquez, Guillermo (Sauder School of Business)
    Dynamic Prize Allocation: Evidence from Prediction Contests
  22. Nicol, Cynthia (Curriculum & Pedagogy)
    Mathematics Education for STEM as Place
  23. Noack, Frederik (Land and Food Systems)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Sargent, Risa (Land and Food Systems)
    UBC Collabrator(s): Kremen, Claire (Zoology / Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability)
    The Biodiversity Impact of New Crop Technologies
  24. Norris, Sam (Vancouver School of Economics)
    The Effects of Conviction and Incarceration in the Criminal Justice System
  25. O'Connor, Deborah (School of Social Work UBCV)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Hole, Rachelle (School of Scoal Work UBCO)
    Mental (in)capacity in the context of abuse and neglect
  26. Pailer, Gaby (Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Lieblang, Jason (Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies)
    Women's Drama and Theatre in German-speaking Europe, 1600-2025
  27. Palombo, Daniela (Psychology)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Dawson, Samantha (Psychology)
    UBC Collabrator(s): Flannigan, Ryan (Orological Sciences)
    A Woman's journey to parenthood: memory, self schema, and well­being during fertility treatment
  28. Rush, Kathy (School of Nursing - UBCO)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Dow-Fleisner, Sarah (School of Social Work UBCO), Hasan, Mohammad (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics), Li, Eric (Management UBCO), Oelke, Nelly (Nursing UBCO), Pesut, Barbara (Nursing UBCO), Zajko, Mike (History and Sociology UBCO)
    UBC Collabrator(s): Janke, Robert (UBCO Library)
    Digital Readiness in Rural Canada: Pathways Towards Digital Equity
  29. Schnellert, Leyton (Curriculum & Pedagogy)
    Developing Relational Accountability and Decolonizing Possibilities through Education Change Networks
  30. Skarlicki, Daniel (Sauder School of Business)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Aquino, Karl (Sauder School of Business)
    The Antecedents and Consequences of Swift Blame at Work
  31. Steel, Daniel (School of Population and Public Health)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Bartha, Paul (Philosophy), Kandlikar, Milind (Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability / School of Public Policy and Global Affairs), Ramankutty, Navin (Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability / School of Public Policy and Global Affairs)
    Climate Change and Civilization Collapse
  32. Stickles, Elise (English Language and Literatures)
    Waging metaphorical war: Cross-linguistic analysis of metaphors for cancer, COVID-19, and climate change
  33. ten Brinke, Leanne (Psychology - UBCO)
    How Lies Shape Social Life
  34. Thauberger, Althea (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
    Klosterdorf Holdfast
  35. von Keyserlingk, Marina (Land and Food Systems)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Weary, Daniel (Land and Food Systems)
    UBC Collabrator(s): Gulati, Sumeet (Land and Food Systems), Silver, David (Sauder School of Business)
    Retaining social license: A participatory path towards identifying socially sustainable solutions in livestock farming
  36. Wagner, John (Community, Culture and Global Studies -UBCO)
    Transboundary Water Governance in the Columbia River Basin
  37. Wang, Fei (Educational Studies)
    Is Culturally Responsive Leadership Culturally Responsive? A Critical Comparative Study between Canada and China
  38. Woody, Sheila (Psychology)
    UBC Co-applicant(s): Bratiotis, Christiana (School of Social Work UBCV)
    Preserving tenancy and dignity: Reducing harm potential due to hoarding in social housing
  39. Yang, Renren (Asian Studies)
    The Deaths and Rebirths of Literary Authorship in Digital China
  40. Zheng, Xin (Sauder School of Business)
    Is Regulatory Transparency a Double-Edged Sword?

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