Suzanne Richardson and Fred Woo awarded the President’s Staff Award for Collaborative Excellence

Fred Woo and Suzanne Richardson

Suzanne Richardson and Fred Woo have been awarded the President’s Staff Award for Collaborative Excellence for their work as the management team for the Animal Care, Biosafety, Radiation Safety, and Chemical Safety Committees. 

The President’s Service Awards for Excellence (PSAE) are presented each year to up to five outstanding staff members from across the university. This is the top award presented to UBC staff. The President’s Staff Award for Collaborative Excellence is presented to a group of staff who demonstrate exceptional team effectiveness through meaningful collaboration, shared expertise, trust and respect, inclusivity, and effective resolution of conflicts or differing perspectives. They perform synergistically to overcome significant challenges and obstacles and achieve a common goal over and above the expectations of the job – and deliver high-value, high-quality outcomes that benefit the university and/or greater community. They collaborate and contribute beyond their own unit to make UBC a first-choice place to work, research, and teach.

Suzanne Richardson and Fred Woo collaborate to ensure and implement the highest standards of animal ethics and care in animal-based research; through their leadership, communication, and collaboration, they solve problems and build positive relationships with their diverse group of stakeholders. 

Impact on community

Under Suzanne and Fred’s leadership, UBC’s Animal Care Committee (ACC) prides itself on an atmosphere of collaboration, consensus-building, and inquiry to ensure the highest standards of animal ethics and care. They skillfully navigate myriad viewpoints and manage conflict resolution, facilitating meaningful conversation while ensuring that high research standards are understood and upheld. They proactively identify challenges and offer solutions while ensuring all voices are heard.  

Elevating UBC in work, research, and teaching

Suzanne and Fred’s work with ACC is exemplary, and they even serve as advisors and models for other Canadian animal care committees. They coordinate regularly to evaluate ACC protocols, renewals, and amendments, as well as prepare for mandatory audits and site visits by the Canadian Council on Animal Care. Suzanne and Fred raise the standard for high quality work and play a critical part in making UBC one of the top universities in animal-based research.