UBC Epigenetics Workshop Abstracts

View a list of abstracts for the Bridging Genes and Enviroment: How Epigenetics Remembers the Past to Shape Your Future poster session on April 28th (listed alphabetically by name).

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Assessing functionality of long non-coding RNA genes. Loubna Akhabir, Centre for Heart Lung Innovation, St Paul's Hospital
Derivation of consensus inactivation status for X-linked genes from genome-wide studies. Bradley Balaton, Medical Genetics
Impact of LTR Retrotransposons on the Transcriptome and Methylome of the Mouse Germline & Beyond. Julie Brind'Amour, Medical Genetics
Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing Quality Control Pipeline. Annaick Carles, Microbiology and Immunology
Identifying the XIST Domains and Interacting Factors Responsible for Chromosome Inactivation. Thomas Dixon-McDougall, Medical Genetics
A role for YY1 in sex-biased transcription revealed through X-linked promoter activity and allelic binding analyses. Julie Chih-yu Chen, Bioinformatics
Extra-Cranial Malignant Rhabdoid Tumours Exhibit Heterogenous DNA Methylation and Gene Expression Profiles. Hye-Jung (Elizabeth) Chun, Bioinformatics
The chromatin environment around SOX9 binding in developing heart valves. Rebecca Cullum, Terry Fox Laboratory
Investigating Imprinting As A Mechanism For The Development Of Asthma and Related Phenotypes In Two Canadian Birth Cohorts. Aida Eslami, Centre for Heart Lung Innovation
Early-life Socio-Economic Status is Associated with Accelerated Epigenetic Ageing in Monocytes. Evan Gatev, Bioinformatics
Global transcriptome analysis of CD34+ chronic-phase CML cells. Colin Hammond, Terry Fox Laboratory
Post-Bisulfite Adapter Ligation: A High-Throughput Method for Single-Cell Whole-Genome Methylation Sequencing. Tony Hui, Michael Smith Laboratories
DNA Methylation Profiling in Human Huntington’s Disease Brain. Sumaiya Islam, Medical Genetics
Molecular characterization of the role of RUNX1 in Notch signaling in T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (T-ALL). Rashedul Islam, Bioinformatics
Domesticated MT elements drive expression of chimaeric transcripts with functional importance in oogenesis or embryogenesis. Kristoffer Jensen, Medical Genetics
Identification of DNA methylation signatures in chorioamnionitis associated placentas. Chaini Konwar, Medical Genetics
Regulatory Landscape of the Developing Human Brain. Luolan Li, Genome Science and Technology
DNA Methylation-Derived Age-Related Cell Type Differences in the Novel Longevity Population of Nicoya, Costa Rica. Lisa McEwan, Medical Genetics, CFRI, CMMT
Exploiting mouse hybrids, RNA- and ChIP-seq to explore the influence of SNPs and structural variants on allelic gene expression. Julien Richard Albert, Medical Genetics
Epigenetic markers associated with early life exposures in the Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development birth cohort. Tim K Takaro, Medicine
Functional significance of DNA methylation and histone modification patterns at enhancer elements in adult mouse liver. Avinash Thakur, Terry Fox Laboratories
HNF4α transcriptional complex regulation in liver through super-enhancers. Shuhe Tsai, Terry Fox Laboratories
Transcriptional regulation by HNF4a, FOXA2, and the Hippo pathway in the embryonic and adult mouse liver. Evan Wang, Terry Fox Laboratories
H3S10ph marks large domains in interphase mouse embryonic stem cells to maintain euchromatin borders. Carol Chen, Medical Genetics
Vitamin C induced epigenomic remodeling in HOXA9-immortalized IDH1 R132H bone marrow cells. Matthew Mingay, Microbiology and immunology