UBC recipients of Canada Foundation for Innovation's JELF funding announced

February 22, 2022

​​​UBC researchers were awarded almost $2 million in funding for 16 projects from the Canada Foundation for Innovation's (CFI) John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF).

The JELF awards were announced by Parliamentary Secretary Andy Filmore on behalf of the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, as part of a larger announcement of close to $45 million to support 150 research infrastructure projects at 43 institutions across the country. More than $30 million was awarded to 136 research infrastructure projects at 31 universities through the JELF Fund, and more than $14 million to 14 projects at 12 colleges, cégeps and polytechnics through the CFI’s College-Industry Innovation Fund. The $30 million JELF investment includes $7,035,833 awarded under the Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF), a mechanism that assists institutions with the incremental operating and maintenance costs associated with the new infrastructure.

Funding provided through JELF helps institutions attract and retain outstanding researchers. It also contributes to acquiring the tools that enable the innovative work of those researchers.

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  • Benson-Amram, Sarah (Forest and Conservation Sciences and Zoology / Biodiversity Research Centre) UBCV
    Infrastructure for Investigations of the Cognition, Behavior, and Ecology of Urban Wildlife 
  • Black, Alexis (Audiology) UBCV
    Language and Development Lab
  • Bourbonnais, Mathieu (Earth Environment and Geographical Sciences) UBCO
    Earth observation and Spatial Ecology Lab
  • Cornelis, Jean-Thomas (Soil Science, Land and Food Systems) UBCV
    Integrated SOILRES platform for advanced study of soil processes driving agroecosystem resilience under climate change
  • Flannigan, Ryan (Urologic Sciences / Vancouver Prostate Centre) UBCV
    Infrastructure to Establish a Combined Regenerative and Precision Medicine Reproductive Research Program
  • Gupta, Neha (Community Culture and Global Studies) UBCO
    DARE | Digital Archaeology Research Environment Lab
  • Hassan, Marwan (Geography) UBCV
    Fluvial Landscapes Platform (LegoFlume) 
  • Hill, Alex (Computer Science Math Physics and Statistics) UBCO
    The Canadian Arcminute Resolution Magnetoionic Medium Survey (CARMIMS)
  • Isaac, Kathryn (Surgery) and Ng, Raymond  (Computer Science / Centre for Heart Lung Innovation) UBCV
    Development of Natural Language Processing & Machine Leaning to accelerate breast cancer outcomes research
  • Klein Geltink, Ramon (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine / BCHRI) UBCV
    Metabolic monitoring of immune cell function
  • Knipfer, Thorsten (Land and Food Systems) UBCV
    Automated growth and screening platform for elucidating crop water requirements
  • Kraeutner, Sarah (Psychology) UBCO
    Single-molecule and Single-cell Microscopy Platform for Therapeutics Research and Development
  • Noonan, Michael (Biology) UBCO
    Quantitative Ecology Laboratory with a Focus on Animal Conservation
  • Parker, Seth (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology / BCHRI) UBCV
    Functional metabolism and transport using mass spectrometry (MeTSpec)
  • ten Brinke, Leanne (Psychology) UBCO
    Truth and Trust Lab: A Request for Observational, Physiological, and Social Judgment Research Infrastructure
  • Wisnovsky, Simon (Pharmaceutical Sciences) UBCV
    A Functional Genomics Platform for Analysis of Cancer-Associated Glycosylation