UBC Researchers attract $23m in CIHR Foundation Grants

Nine UBC Researchers attracted a combined $23.4m in the latest round of Foundation Grants announced by CIHR.

Faulkner, Guy
Exercise and Depression: Moving from Efficacy to Effectiveness  

Hancock, Robert Ernest W
Alternatives to antibiotics: New strategies for treating multi-drug resistant infections  

Hayden, Michael R
Novel Approaches Directed to Prevention and Treatment of Huntington Disease

Huntsman, David G
Mutation, cell context, and the pathogenesis of ovarian cancer  

Levings, Megan K
Molecular and cellular biology of T regulatory cells  

Richardson, Lindsey
Addressing the health impacts of socioeconomic marginalization among people who use illicit drugs  

Saewyc, Elizabeth M
Improving health equity for LGBTQ youth in Canada and globally: Addressing the role of families and culture  

Walley, Keith R
Translational research to improve sepsis outcomes  

Wang, Yu Tian
Regulation of postsynaptic expression and function of ionotropic neurotransmitter receptors