UBC Researchers Awarded $4m in latest round of CFI Funding

Fifteen UBC projects were awarded a total of $3.9m in the latest round of CFI funding through the John R. Evans Leaders Fund.

UBC Projects

Tool for Multimodal Measurements of Quantum Materials: Scanning Probe Microscopy and Angle Resolved Photoemission


Sarah Burke


High Performance Additive Manufacturing


Steven Cockcroft


Exercise and Depression: Moving from Efficacy to Effectiveness


Guy Faulkner


Building Infrastructure for Spatial Archaeometry and Visualization


Kevin Fisher


Breeding for Disease Resistance in Honey Bees


Leonard Foster


Methane Biogeochemistry Facility


Edward Hornibrook


Tools for Surface Analysis and Characterization


Zachary Hudson


Laboratory Infrastructure: The Depression and Stress Lab


Joelle LeMoult


Release Behavior of Metallic and Non-metallic Elements from Rock Piles


Wenying Liu


Antibacterial Discovery on the Bacterial Membrane Facilitated by in vitro and in situ Cryo Electron Microscopy Methods


Natalie Strynadka


Egg Farmers of Canada Industrial Research Chair in Sustainability


Nathaniel Pelletier


Atomic Layer Deposition Facility for Energy Materials and Devices


Jian Liu


The Centre for Obesity and Well-being Research Excellence (The CORE)


Lesley Lutes


A Flexible and Scalable Platform for Actionable Genomics


Corey Nislow


Laboratory for Experimental X-ray Imaging (LEXI)


Jesse Tanguay