UBC and UCLA Collaborative Research Mobility Awards

The offices of the UBC's Vice-President, Research & Innovation and the Provost & Vice-President, Academic and UCLA's Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Creative Activities are partnering to provide pilot funding to catalyze and deepen linkages between the two universities through the development of collaborative research opportunities.

Application cycles for this competition have been suspended until further notice.

This pilot fund will support activities to establish or enrich interdisciplinary research between faculty members at the two institutions, with preference given to collaborations based in the social sciences, humanities, and the creative/performing arts.

Activities funded under this program could include project coordination and grant writing, joint workshops or research meetings. It's expected that activities could lead to leveraged funding, joint scholarly/research outputs and enhanced collaborative training.


Lead principal investigators from UBC must be eligible to hold research grants. The competition is open to UBC faculty members from both Vancouver and the Okanagan and to all academic appointments at UCLA (including senate and non-senate faculty members, academic administrators, and lecturers). Interdisciplinary research is encouraged and priority will be given to teams that involve faculty members in the social sciences, humanities, and the creative/performing arts.

All teams must identify two lead PIs, one from UBC and one from UCLA. The team will submit a single application through UCLA's submission portal. 

Award Details: 

The total funding envelope is up to $100,000 CAD from UBC and up to $100,000 USD from UCLA. The maximum value for each grant is $20,000 CAD/$15,000 USD per team, with funding allocated to the campus(es) where it is spent. Teams must spend the funds within one year of receiving the award decision. Funds may be used to support travel between UBC and UCLA and events/activities undertaken at UBC and/or UCLA. Direct costs of research, faculty salaries and overhead are not eligible expenses.

Within two months of the end of the one-year funding term, successful applicants are required to submit a brief report that summarizes the work completed, the outcomes of the collaboration and if the award has led (or will lead) to opportunities including leveraged funding or joint research collaborations.

Proposal Submission Process:

All teams submit proposals through the UCLA submission portal. On the first visit to the portal, create a single username and password to affiliate with the application. Each application can only be affiliated with one login identity in the application portal and teams should plan for this within their workflow.


The application form requests general contact information, information about the collaboration, the funding amounts requested for each campus, a project title and a 100-word summary.  Teams also need to include a 1,000-word project proposal and a budget.

Project Proposal Specifications: 

The proposal must include:

  • a description of areas of interdisciplinary research activities to be developed or advanced
  • a description of the existing strengths of each team in the proposed research areas
  • a description of team members’ roles in the planned activities, including a specific description of the valued added by non-UBC/UCLA team members, if applicable
  • a description of how the proposed activities will advance collaborative interdisciplinary research between the two institutions
  • a proposed start date (ideally no later than June 1, 2020)

Budget Specifications:

Using the UBC-UCLA CRMA budget template form, teams must include a description of each proposed expense (travel, facilities, materials, facilitator, etc.) and identify which campus will pay that particular expense. Teams should exercise due diligence to determine on which campus each expense is incurred so that no fund transfers are required between the universities (e.g., UBC faculty should submit travel reimbursements to UBC rather than seek reimbursement through UCLA). 


The proposal deadline closed on February 3, 2020. Successful applicants will be notified in mid-March.

Application cycles for this competition have been suspended until further notice.

Review Process:

A joint interdisciplinary peer-review panel will review applications and make decisions based on merit and the ability to demonstrate how seed funds will be used to catalyze future research between the two institutions. Specific assessment criteria include:

  • The ability of the proposed activities to catalyze interdisciplinary research collaborations between the two institutions,
  • Scholarly excellence of the teams,
  • Clarity and feasibility of the work plan; and
  • Potential for the collaborations to lead to leveraged funding or joint research outputs

UBC questions should be directed to Stacey Herzer [stacey.herzer@ubc.ca], 604-827-2379.

UCLA questions should be directed to Laurel Grzesik [lgresik@conet.ucla.edu], 310-825-3340.


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Q5. Can funds be used to support collaborators from outside UBC or UCLA?
Q6. Does the program support joint educational activities such as courses or curricular development?
Q7. Can student researchers be hired/supported by the funds?