Anticipating species’ success in the face of climate change

RSC Fellow and UBC professor Michael Whitlock helps us understand evolution in different contexts

Will a tree planted today survive in a future environment affected by climate change? How do species adapt to different climates as they evolve?

UBC professor Michael Whitlock (Zoology) investigates population genetics to help us understand these questions.

Through his work, Whitlock has contributed to our understanding of evolution in spatial contexts as well as methodologies for measuring evolutionary processes. In recognition of his career-spanning achievements, he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. View the video below to learn more.




Michael Whitlock is distinguished for his contributions to theoretical and empirical population genetics. He is responsible for many of the foundational population-genetic results about how evolution works in a spatial context, and he has made significant contributions to the methodology of measuring evolutionary processes. Whitlock has written a leading text on statistical methods and played a key role in establishing data archiving for the major publications in his field.
— Citation from the Royal Society of Canada