How does climate change make some fish winners or losers?

RSC Fellow and UBC professor Patricia Schulte evaluates the performance of fish in a changing environment

Why are some fish stronger swimmers than others? Will they stay strong when the habitats in which they once lived become too warm because of climate change?

Professor Patricia Schulte in the department of Zoology uses genomics, epigenomics, biochemistry and physiology to find out. She is a world-leading authority on evolutionary physiology and for this, has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. View the video below to learn more about her work.



Patricia Schulte is a world-leading authority in evolutionary physiology. She is internationally recognized for her work linking genomics, epigenomics, biochemistry and physiology to assess the performance of fishes in a changing environment. Her pioneering work on the molecular mechanisms that underlie inter-individual variation in resilience to environmental change has had significant implications for both the conservation of natural fish populations and aquaculture in a changing world.
— Citation from the Royal Society of Canada