In 2020/21, UBC received a total of $759,097,528.51 in research funding from all sources, supporting a total of 10,116 projects.

Important note for 2020/21: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic makes it difficult to determine meaningful comparative funding trends. While some regular funding competitions were delayed or otherwise impacted, other new COVID-19 funding competitions and significant funding supports were provided. We are aware that all disciplines and funding sectors were impacted differently, and that the longer-term impact of the pandemic on funding patterns will not be fully realized for a number of years.  

Overall totals were significantly impacted by government and Tri-Agency funding in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Canada Research Continuity Emergency Fund was responsible for $54.4m of the 2020/21 total, while Tri-Agency COVID-19 supplements for existing projects accounted for a further $17.0m.

UBC researchers also attracted an estimated $38.1m in funding through new opportunities offered by various sponsors for COVID-19 research. (These projects were identified based on project title or funding competition references to COVID-19 or related terms.)


Support for UBC research is broadly summarized in the following tables. 

Funding by Faculty
Funding by Federal Funding Agency
Infrastructure Funding by Agency (CFI/BCKDF)
Funding by Economic Sector
Funding by Award Type
Funding by UBC-affiliated Institute

Funding by International Research