Spotlight On: Environment

As our planet endures the effects of climate change and human incursion, researchers at UBC are developing solutions to protect regional, national and international resources and environments.

The university has a deep expertise in ecology and environmental research, particularly in the areas of biodiversity, fisheries, oceans, plant and microbes, forestry and bioenergy.

At UBC’s Beaty Biodiversity Centre, more than 50 scientists are dedicated to studying and preserving all varieties of life.

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Fast Facts + Milestones

2019 UBC ranks 1st in the world in climate action MORE

2017 Rashid Sumaila wins Volvo Environment Prize 

2012 UBC creators of "ecological footprint" concept win Blue Planet Award for Sustainability More

2011 Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability opens as North America's "greenest" building More

2010 Beaty Biodiversity Centre opens More

Spotlight Stories

Advancing the world's bio-economy