Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusive Excellence is a cross-cutting priority in UBC’s new strategic plan.

UBC believes that sustained excellence in research, education and engagement depends on the integration of diverse perspectives and approaches and the inclusion of those who have been historically, persistently, or systemically marginalized.

Key VPRI Support

Dimensions PIlot Project

UBC recently reaffirmed its commitment to embedding equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in research by endorsing the Government of Canada’s Dimensions charter, as well as becoming a participating institution in the Dimensions Pilot Project



Key Resources

Making Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Matter in Research

As part of our continuous commitment to integrating principles of EDI into all facets of the UBC research ecosystem, we offer a video primer for researchers on how EDI can be incorporated into their work, narrated by Dr. Rachael Sullivan, Equity Facilitator, UBC Equity & Inclusion Office.



Part 1 (25 min)

  • Overview
  • What is Equity, Diversity and Inclusion?
    • Definitions of E, D, and I
    • Intersectionality
  • Why EDI?: Benefits and Barriers of EDI in Research
    • Academic training & mentorship
    • Research design
    • Collaboration
    • Innovation & problem-solving
    • Productivity



Part 2 (34 min)

  • How EDI Matters in the Analytical Process: How to bring EDI into research development
    • Gender-based analysis plus (GBA+)
  • How EDI Matters in the Analytical Process: Design & data to team development
    • EDI in research design
    • EDI in research materials & tools
    • EDI in research teams & lab composition
    • EDI in research teams & lab culture
  • Summary


Download the presentation slides