UBC Policies

UBC is committed to providing an environment that supports the best research and scholarly practices and fosters researchers’ abilities to act honestly, accountably, openly and fairly. 


The following UBC policies are relevant to research, intellectual property and knowledge mobilization.

Learning, Research & Innovation

LR2: Research (previously #87)
LR8: Acceptance, Management and Sale of Technology Licensing Equity (previously #105) 
LR9: Research Involving Human Participants  (previously #89)
LR11: Inventions and Discoveries (previously #88) 

Use of Property (Lands, Facilities, Materials, Intangible Property)

UP5: Ownership and Use of UBC Equipment and UBC Support Services (previously #16, incorporates what was previously #109)
UP6: All Commercial Uses of the University Trade Marks (previously #110)

Financial Management

FM4: Over-expenditures on Research and Specific Purpose Trust/Project Grants (previously #90)


SC3: Conflict of Interest & Conflict of Commitment (previously #97) It is important that COI forms are completed when submitting ethics documentation. See RISe for online Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Declaration forms
SC6: Scholarly Integrity (previously #85)
SC15: Internal Audit, Investigations and Financial Whistleblower (previously #111)

  • This policy makes clear the responsibilities and standards required of UBC researchers engaged in scholarly activity. It also provides a process for dealing with allegations of scholarly misconduct.


Signing Resolutions

GA2: Regulatory Framework Policy (previously #1)
Signing Resolution #11: Signing Authority: Research Contracts & Agreements

Other UBC Policies for which VPRI is a Responsible Executive

LR3: Research Grants as Part Payment During Study Leave (previously #37)
LR5: Research Grants During Periods Other than Study Leave (previously #35)
SC1: Health and Safety Policy (consolidates what was previously #7, #9, #10 and #11)
FM7: Extraordinary Expenses – Grant and Contract-funded Employees (previously #86) 
#115: Gifts (repeal pending, in force until further notice)


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